Gannon Update – Tonsils and Adenoids

This little guy has been through the ringer today…

Gannon got his tonsils and adenoids out this morning in Iowa City. What was supposed to be a typical routine procedure went South when Gannon started having severe upper airway swelling and difficulty breathing after surgery. It was 2.5 hours after his surgery before he was well enough for me to be with him and even then he was still in ROUGH shape.

His first request when he woke up and could talk was to play legos and his second request was to watch Top Gun 😂 he now calls himself Maverick.

“Maverick” is currently admitted to our tried and true 10th floor (just down the hall from where Anders was admitted in October for meningitis). Still getting steroids and racemic epi, still having trouble breathing, but hopefully things start looking up soon or there’s been some talk of an ICU transfer 😢

Time and time again I’m just so so thankful to have such a fabulous Children’s hospital here in Iowa. It is so worth the 2 hour drive to be in the hands of this amazing team.

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  1. Sonnie
    December 6, 2022 / 1:46 am

    Bless his heart. Hope he feels better soon. I’ll say a pray for him.

  2. Marianne
    December 6, 2022 / 4:41 am

    Sending hugs to Gannon and mama

  3. Elle
    December 6, 2022 / 4:16 pm

    Gannon is simply never going to do anything the easy way is he? Him testing Mama’s heart at every turn. Prayers to get him home rather than the ICU. God Bless you for your patience and understanding which is so hard for RN Moms 🙂

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