Gannon and Georgia

Gannon and Georgia have their birthday party today! We aren’t planning anything elaborate – we will take lots of pictures to share later in the week!

Gannon is my one year old son, his birthday is Tuesday. Georgia is my sister Kelli’s daughter (named after me, Kalissa Georgia Friedman) and she turns one year old on March fourth. They are exactly one week apart.

In such a dark year for our family, these two have been such a light for us. They made us laugh, they distracted us, they reminded us just how precious life can be.

Born one week apart, I present to you Gannon and Georgia aka G1 and G2, the cousin twins, Gorgeous Georgeous and Ganjo, Pie Girl and Ganny:

It is getting harder and harder to get a decent picture of these two as they are always on the go go GO! Georgia is very social and talkative and her mom is constantly teaching her new pet tricks. Gannon, in comparison, is much quieter but is farther ahead in gross motor skills such as walking, pulling himself up, crawling, etc.

Georgia is a “princess” or as we call her “Princess Georgie” because she is a bit more picky about the temperature of her bottle, getting attention, being held etc. Gannon is way chill and really only gets upset when hes hungry.

Georgia is a champion eater and Gannon not so much.

Georgia is TINY still fitting into 6-9 month clothes while Gannon does well in 18 month clothes.

We absolutely adore these two and I love watching them grow up together! As you’re reading this we are baking brunch for our friends and family to come enjoy!



  1. Marilyn
    February 23, 2020 / 1:54 pm

    Happy Birthday to both of these cuties. Sounds like brunch will be yummy.
    Thank you for the pictures. They are both adorable.

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