Friedman Fam Update PART 2!

Buckle up for a Friedman Family update! PART TWO!

I was helping mom edit a video last week when we realized we were all wearing matching Riverside sweatshirts – our FAVORITE bar and restaurant. I wrote a whole blog post about how much we love Riverside – you can find that post here:

Gannon and Carver are very much being themselves and being little rascals and very typical brothers. There Gannon is sitting on top of the laundry basket and trapping Carver in there (quite honestly he probably deserved it). They just love playing together and I love watching them grow up as best friends.

I’ve tried roasting veggies over and over and they always have ended up soggy or over flavored. I accidentally bought too much broccoli with grocery pick up so I searched for the perfect roasted broccoli recipe and I came across this:

1. Salt

2. Pepper

3. Parmesan cheese

4. Avacado oil (toasted sesame oil would taste good too!)

That’s it! And HOLY COW – so good, I could (and might) eat the whole pan!! Simple and delicious!

Here the boys are watching our local snow crew cleaning out our driveway with the skid loader. We have a few inches of snow but thankfully, temps in the 20s this week. It’s been a fairly decent winter for us (so far!)

I got my COVID-19 Vaccine last night! ??

It was my choice I made for myself – if you choose NOT to get the vaccine – we can totally still be friends ? It’s all personal choice. I’m not for telling people what to do with their bodies.

My arm is more sore than the average shot, no COVID symptoms, no adverse reactions. I’ve not had COVID before, I’ve gotten tested 3 times – twice because I wasn’t feeling well and once just to get clearance to get back to work.

I’ve *heard* through people talking that if you’ve had COVID and get the vaccine, your post injection symptoms might be more intense – that’s not scientifically proven – just what I’ve heard from my friends who have had COVID AND the COVID vaccine. I get shot #2 on February 2nd!

I hope this vaccine brings us closer to normalcy ??

and finally, the wedding update! We had a blast, we are cautiously quarantining this week, Carver and Gannon did NOT willingly walk down the aisle, Gannon got dropped off at Grandma Jo’s after the ceremony because he was DONE! He was so over it. Regan was absolutely beautiful, the boys were so handsome, and I’ll be totally honest, I felt really beautiful and confident. It was one for the books!

That’s all I’ve got for today! Thanks for tuning in! Check out my latest posts!



  1. Helen A
    January 7, 2021 / 2:35 am

    That’s a beautiful family photo of all 4 of you. I love your dress, it is very pretty and stylish and you definitely did look beautiful and confident in it.

    Carver and Gannon are just so cute. That’s nice that they’re so close in age and play together.

    I was admiring your beautiful plants in the window before remembering they were fake. It’s so hard to believe they’re fake, they look so real.

    My husband gets his Covid shot in a week. He’s a respiratory therapist. I’m really worried for him because he has fibromyalgia and I’m not sure how he is going to react to this vaccine. The flu shot usually knocks him out for a good 24 hours to where he is in bed unable to function. Hopefully this vaccine won’t be any worse for him. Thank you for sharing your experience with it. Hopefully he’ll have a similar experience!

  2. Donna
    January 7, 2021 / 7:59 pm

    Dh also uses lemon juice on roasted broccoli!
    All of you looked wonderful! A potrait for sure!
    My two youngest grands play the same laundry basket game! Lol! Must be a staple!
    Love and prayers

  3. Sophie
    January 7, 2021 / 10:40 pm

    You look GORGEOUS in that dress!! The whole family cleans up well! 😉 Glad to hear you had few symptoms with the vaccine, I’m scheduled to get mine soon. Fun post!

  4. Kimberly Clark
    January 8, 2021 / 3:06 pm

    Oh my goodness! You look just beautiful!!! I love your family photo!
    I’m glad you are getting good photos of the boys growing up! It goes way too fast! Those action photos are the best!

  5. Tammy
    January 8, 2021 / 9:23 pm

    Wonderful family photo!

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