Friedman Fam Update – January Recap

January was a ROUGH month. We are very glad to be closing the chapter on January and moving on with a fresh start into February.

We spent most of the month in a scramble to arrange childcare for the boys. We weren’t really sure if my mom was going to be able to be treated with the radioactive iodine until she was. We knew that was the hope, we knew it was a possibility, but to arrange child care and then have to cancel it didn’t seem right either.

Well mom did get treated (thankfully) and we realized how much we rely on her in our lives. My sister Kelli and I arranged to kid swap a few times, Craig’s parents and grandparents jumped in to help a few days which was a lot of driving and dropping off and picking up, and our tried and true regular sitters really came through for us. We managed just fine but there was a lot of scrambling and rearranging to get the kids taken care of.

Normally, Gannon is really good about taking naps with me. I really only needed someone to watch Gannon until his nap time around 1 pm during the week, then he would come sleep with me. However, Gannon (who turns three in less than a month) decided this was the month he wouldn’t reliably take a nap which made sleeping between night shifts even rougher. I’d fall asleep next to him in our bed and he’d wake me up soon after carrying two oranges he had snuck from the kitchen and wanted me to peel for him. *sigh* It was great while it lasted by my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

He is getting REALLY good at snuggles though! He’s been talking like crazy, it’s hard to believe he was ever in speech therapy. He’s starting to express his own thoughts and feelings beyond “tractor.” I don’t have a ton of pictures of him, he’s still pretty camera shy. We went bowling the other night, cabin fever was getting the best of us, and I snapped this picture of Gannon before he said “Mom. No peectures.”

I did bribe him into sitting nice with Betsy and Carver on the couch. These are the best shots I could get which honestly aren’t great – too many moving people!

Potty training is going…average. We’ve got number one down for the most part (he takes NO initiative to go potty on his own but will go when you remind him to) but number two, as per Gannon’s usual is not progressing as anticipated. But we’ve got plenty of time to get it down before he heads to preschool in the Fall. For the 3rd January in a row, Gannon threw up once a day for 3 weeks straight which complicated finding childcare even more than it already was.

Carver is his typical self, his quality of life has improved drastically since he got his new vest (check that post out here) Carver has been very into coloring and writing, he asks me all the time how to spell words and he’s CONSTANTLY rhyming. He’s graduated to level two books and is often found quietly reading to himself. He loves Jurassic world, Minecraft, Farming Simulator and Legos. He wants to play as many board games as we can fit into a day, he’s been really into puzzles lately too. He drew this picture for my mom, it says “I want to give you a big hug – Carver Jo” (we couldn’t hug her or get too close with the radioactive iodine this month)

Craig and Karl have been VERY into board games – an activity I welcome them to partake in whenever I work nights. I really am not a board game person and those two are NUTS for board games. I snapped this pic on my way out the door to work, I loved the “big boys” playing a big kid board came at the table and then Carver and Gannon working together on a puzzle on the floor.

As for me, I’m glad for a new month. I’ve got my QuickBooks for my shirt biz and blogging biz all wrapped up for January. Every tax season I try to get a little better and this year is off to a good start. I’m working with a few shops right now to get my shirts out there, I’m working on a few new designs, this one is my latest. You can find the story behind the shirt here: More Self Love

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