FREEBIES! Looking for opinions…

I need some help guys! I’ve got a ton of packages to send out once the pre-order closes on Saturday on my Etsy shop! I’m hoping to package all day on Sunday, I’ve got 60+ orders to send!

Some of you who have ordered may get 1 or 2 freebies in the mail! I ordered stickers with some quilt squares I designed. These are super high quality and waterproof stickers. I want to send a few out to get some feedback.

If you get a sticker, please reach out to me either on Facebook or in a comment on a blog post, or instagram and let me know what you think! Put it to the test on your favorite coffee mug or stitching bag! See if it holds up and let me know how much you would pay for a sticker like this. They can actually be pretty expensive to print, especially if you’re ordering less than 100 of each design. The red stickers didn’t end up getting a white border around them so I’ll have to re print those.

You guys know I’m not a quilter but I stuck them on my water bottle to send it through the sink and the dishwasher to see how they hold up!

Here are a few things I want to know: How much would you pay for a sticker like this? Because there are so many colors, how many would you buy and what color of stickers would you buy? Would you rather buy a package of all the colors? These are 3 x 3 inch stickers, would you prefer something smaller? Where would you put a sticker?

I’m also going to give these away at the vendor show this weekend if you buy a quilting shirt from me! If you’re a blog reader and you see me at the vendor show, please introduce yourself to me! I’ll have Anders there with me! Here’s a link to that event:

I always value your opinions so THANKS in advance!

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  1. Beth
    November 2, 2022 / 5:11 pm

    3×3 is too big for me. 2×2 would give more options

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