False Alarm

First of all, still no baby.

My OBGYN wants me to have this baby before 38 weeks because he’s getting too big for me to attempt a VBAC. So we’ve been doing all the things to try and induce labor.

Last weekend, contractions started. I started timing them with my app and several times it said “Go to the hospital!” They were getting mildly uncomfortable but I kept asking myself, is this really it? We live an hour away from the hospital I’m delivering at…could I risk it and wait it out another hour at home? I’m a third time mom AND attempting a VBAC, my provider said to have a very low threshold for heading to the hospital. I called and the OB nurses confirmed I should come in and get checked.

We loaded up the car, dropped the boys off at my mom’s (where they were totally spoiled by a lego night with Uncle Karl) and made the trek. In the car on the way there, I was glad we were going because initially, things were getting more and more painful. But as we got closer to the hospital, the still painful contractions were farther apart and fewer.

By the time we got to OB I wondered if we should have come at all. I did have several contractions on the monitor but contractions don’t really count if you’re not dilating. I went from a 2 to a 4 and then stalled out. We walked the halls, I did all the stretching, I bounced on a ball, and there was nothing. I even did like a “labor inducing” exercise video which was totally for nothing and my legs are SO SO SORE!

The nurses and midwife were so awesome, they didn’t make me feel silly at all for coming in. In fact, they were still debating whether they should keep me overnight or not when we were finally released around 11 pm. Contractions continued and have continued on and off for days now. I consider myself in what is called “prodromal labor.” It’s not false labor because I really am having real contractions, it just isn’t progressing. I pretty much have TERRIBLE period cramps day and night for days now.

I’m not as uncomfortable as I was when I was this close to having Carver and Gannon, I definitely attribute that to the fact I stayed within the recommended weight gain range. Granted I ain’t as good as I once was but I’m still power washing the garage and going on walks with mom. It’s still easy for me to get out of and move around in bed. Physically, I feel pretty good. Mentally? Oh I’m TOTALLY over being pregnant ya’ll.

So here’s possibly the last bump shot you’ll get from me for this pregnancy! I’ll keep ya’ll posted on how things go!

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