Failed New Years Resolutions

Do you guys remember how hopeful we all felt for the new decade about a month ago? And here we are 27 days into the month and I have nothing to show for anything.

My house is just as messy. My body is just as much weight as it was then. I’m no closer to smashing my goal to run a 10K or half marathon. My gym membership remains unused.

I’m essentially the same person I was 30 days ago. I’m trying to come to terms with my failed New Year’s resolutions.

Life got in the way hard this month. We started out January 2nd in the ER with Gannon. He’s vomited at least 75% of the days this month. The stomach bug has all run through our house. We’ve all at least had a cold once if not twice. We went on a vacation which was out of our normal routine. We’ve made a trip to Iowa City.

Before I know it I’m back to working an insane amount of hours between my full-time job, my regular part-time job, and the 24 hours of clinical/week I picked up on top of that. That all starts this week.

Our restaurant budget was out of control this month eating out and getting a quick bite to eat here or there. I haven’t meal prepped like I wanted to. Carvers had hotdogs for supper more times than I’d like to admit.

I blogged about how I was going to give up fried food for the month. I was about to place an order at work to have delivery and one of my coworkers reminded me that I was giving up fried food for the month. Whoops.

I was planning on drinking more water every day. I’ve not been loving the taste of water lately and I decided I would drink more Powerade zero. The last two times I’ve gone to Walmart they’ve been out. I can’t seem to stomach coffee these days either for some odd reason. Needless to say my intake of fluids has been rather poor leaving me feeling dehydrated. I know I feel better when I drink water why don’t I just do it?

A friend asked me the other day how my half marathon training was going and it made me stop and think. When things get hard, when I am not in my normal routine, when the kids are sick, when the planets are not aligned my auto pilot is unhealthy.

When I am my best self I make time for me.
When I am my best self, I drink enough water. When I am my best self I go to the gym.
When I am my best self I limit time on my phone. When I am my best self I read three books a night to Carver and Gannon.
When I am my best self I don’t eat fried food. When I am my best self Craig and I have date nights.
When I am my best self, I make healthy meals for myself and my family.

When I’m just me, when I’m on autopilot, I’m not that healthy.

What on God’s green earth made me think I could be a brand new person over night? Something about the change of a calendar was supposed to magically make my life easier and give me 12 more hours in a day? I don’t think so.

So if time has slipped away from you, if you’ve forgotten your New Years Resolution already, if you are like me and you are just the same person you were a month ago, you’re not alone.

I am enough. I am enough. I am enough.

I don’t need to change me. The turn of the calendar does not need to change me.

It doesn’t need to change you either. You are enough.

Sometimes self care isn’t caring at all. And Self care is definitely not beating yourself up for not keeping up resolutions.

Instead I’m, I’m proud of myself for keeping up with the blog through it all!

I’m proud of myself for taking time to REST when I’m sick.

I’m proud of myself for keeping up with the laundry through this all!

I’m proud of myself for not talking myself out of vacation last week.

I’m proud of myself for managing every other category on my budget.

I’m proud of myself for being able to be proud of myself even when I’m not my best self. Cheers to that!

That’s all I have for today folks! See you tomorrow!



  1. Kim LeMere
    January 28, 2020 / 11:00 am

    You are Enough! life can get in the way of the best laid plans so just breath and remember tomorrow is a new day to try again. I would recommend just adding some fluids to your system, it will make you feel so much better with the cold/dry winters in Iowa. Have you tried the single serve packets of crystal light that you put in water, shake and drink. Easy and portable and comes in lots of flavors.

  2. Janelle Merillat
    January 28, 2020 / 11:20 am

    Ahhh, the gaining of “wisdom”!! The gaining of it is never fun, but the using it later does have it’s sunshine! 😉 Be well!

  3. Susan McC
    January 28, 2020 / 1:31 pm

    I was going to suggest the Crystal Light packets – in fact, Walmart has their own brand of these individual flavor packets and there are lots of flavor choices

  4. Cheryl
    January 28, 2020 / 1:58 pm

    I recommend you pick just one thing and do well at it for three months, then add in one more thing and do that for three months to build a habit. You also have enough on your plate that you have yourself set up for self disappointment. You have a sick toddler and a three year old…so I say, give yourself a huge pat on the back!

  5. Ellie
    January 28, 2020 / 2:32 pm

    You are indeed enough! You deserve a pat on the back for all the ball’s you keep in the air. Sometimes life throws you a curve and you have to take a step back from plans and deal with reality. Choose one simple thing that you can do anywhere or anytime . If you can make that part of your life till it feels normal then try another. Try some other water flavors or even decaf or herbal tea to add more fluid..
    Instead of parking in the closest space park farther away and add the extra walk to your routine. Making any change is hard but it can be done. Think how a lobster sheds it’s shell!

  6. Karen
    January 28, 2020 / 6:20 pm

    Good for you! You have a full plate and then some! Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ve had a lot to deal with. You do the best you can with what you can control and with what is beyond your control. That’s all anyone can do. You, Craig, the boys, your family, friends, coworkers and patients are what matter, everything and everyone else come way down the line. Resolutions are a nice idea but very rarely sustainable. Keep on keeping on. You’re doing fine!

  7. Penny Holliday
    January 28, 2020 / 9:26 pm

    Good for you Kallissa! You are enough! Resolutions is such are harsh word, especially in plural! So please don’t be so hard on yourself! But do try to get enough fluids! Such a full difficult month for you! Aren’t you glad that there is a new month almost here! Just try to take one day at a time ~ tomorrow is a new day! Take care!

  8. Susan the Farm Quilter
    January 28, 2020 / 10:14 pm

    I only drink water but I also hate the taste of it, so I use MIO in my water to flavor it. Give it a try. Much better for you than all the sugar in Poweraids! Remember, its not how often you fail that makes you a failure, its when you quit trying that you become a failure. New habits require a while to be acquired…be a bit more patient with yourself!! The same grace you would give anyone else, give to yourself.

  9. Donna
    January 28, 2020 / 11:38 pm

    Ah the plans of mice and men….as my mom would say. I can spew all the platitudes I want and it probably won’t help me a bit. So, I rely on God. He’s got this no matter what. And he’s got you too.
    Love and prayers

  10. Susan
    January 28, 2020 / 11:56 pm

    Picking so many resolutions has set you up for failure. You should tackle one thing at a time. With a full-time job and a household with so many demands, you should give yourself break.

  11. mpv61
    January 29, 2020 / 12:26 am

    You are enough!

    Never beat yourself up for self-perceived failings. Move forward from where you are, do the best you can each day, which is going to vary. You are doing a great job with all the curves that get thrown at a mom, especially a working mom!

  12. Tammy Morrow
    January 29, 2020 / 1:59 am


  13. Nancy Fratz
    January 29, 2020 / 6:39 am

    Last year there were several things in my life and about my body that I wanted to change, mostly for health reasons. I picked 12 of them and each month l worked on changing one bad habit and by the end of the year I was able to give up 12 bad habits working on one at a time. The first one was to give up sugar and starches. I picked the most difficult one first because after I conquered a no sugar, no starch diet, the rest was easier. So at the end of the year I was able to eat nothing but fresh foods, meat and some dairy, mostly cheese. The next was exercise-I walked and listened to audio books a and pod casts which helped with the weight loss of 30 pounds. Little things like making more time for myself and taking on-line sewing classes were others that relaxed me and improved my skills. Anyway, I still have a few bad habits, like drinking diet soda and too much coffee but I discovered Ithat some bad habits I’m just not willing to give up. I love caffeine and I don’t want to change that. So, pick and choose which ones you are willing to work toward one at a time for a month. .
    By the end of the year you are free of 12 bad habits. I was way more willing to give up shopping but not caffeine-interesting.

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