Ear Update: Some Good News!


Last Thursday, I started with a terrible ear infection. I had thought it had ruptured, was started on antibiotics, but that was not the end of the story.

After an ear tube placement, daily debriding of the ear in the office, an ER visit, 2 rounds of antibiotics, ear drops every two hours, pain medication, a CT scan, then removing the tube that was placed, I’m finally working my way towards healing. The picture on the top is my left ear as of today, the bottom is my right ear. This is a huge improvement from last week at this time but clearly still has a long way to go.

I still have an ear infection but I don’t have to get it cleaned out in the office every day. I’ll have imaging sometime later this month to determine if there’s something more serious going on causing these infections as my CT had suggested. Hopefully my hearing starts coming back as the infection continues to clear up.

I couldn’t have survived this week without my mom and Mill Street Mocha’s pumpkin foam cold brews. The WMC ENT team is absolutely wonderful but I’m looking forward to a few days off from seeing them!

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  1. Sally
    November 5, 2022 / 3:59 am

    Ouch, that ear looks painful. I had tubes put in my ears last year and I agree, that was painful!! I am so glad they sedate children. If they ever have to do mine again, I want to be sedated! It will be interesting to know what exactly is wrong and what caused your ears to get like this. Hopefully you will know something soon.

  2. Sonnie
    November 6, 2022 / 6:42 pm

    I am so happy to hear you are improving. It is so hard being sick with little ones. Praying healing continues. Take good care of yourself.

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