Crazy Week: Part ONE

This week has been absolutely insane.

I started off last weekend working Friday and Saturday overnight. It was a bit of a shuffle getting a sitter lined up and getting the kids to where they needed to be. Sunday, thankfully, again (in-laws for the win), they watched the boys so I could get some sleep instead of staying up with them as I intended. They brought the boys home and we all had a carry out dinner from a local fundraiser at our house. Halfway through the meal, I had to start getting to work on my homework for my PALS class the next day.

PALS stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. I need to take this class every two years to continue working in the emergency department. They’ve recently changed the format of the class so MOST of the coursework is completed online as homework before you even arrive for class. It took me 4 hours which is much more than expected.

Monday morning, bright and early up for class at 8 am and I tested out at 2 pm. Then it was off to catch a snooze before I worked overnight on Monday night – unfortunately I couldn’t sleep AT ALL which is so unusual for me. I laid there for hours willing myself to sleep with no luck.

Overnight Monday night went by, I unfortunately had a really stressful incident that put a damper on the week to say the least. Finally home, crawled into bed and slept the day away. When the boys got home, we had a play date that afternoon with a new friend I met at the park. It was great but it got dark outside so early.

Finally getting home after pizza at mom’s, we are just about to fall asleep when Craig pulls in the driveway at 9:30. As much as I miss him, we all need sleep and he always seems to come home as our heads hit the pillow. Then I feel bad for not going down to chat with him.

Wednesday morning, I took the boys to my mom’s and went back home to sleep. I’m the kind of person who FOR SURE needs a nap before night shift. Some people don’t need one but especially with my commute, I’ve got to rest up. BUT Carver had an well child check when I usually nap at 2 pm. So I slept from 10 – 12 and picked him up for his appointment. Thank goodness for some extra caffeine from my favorite stop in Decorah – Urban Nutrition. They had a tea on special – part of the proceeds go to Lung Cancer research! I got a Wal-Mart pickup order – Carver asked to take a few selfies.

On to the doctor – just a check up – we have no concerns about Carver – he’s a healthy happy kiddo. Carver got his COVID vaccine while we were in town. He was NOT excited about but he did it! He will get another shot later this month. He’s been showing off his “scar” from the shot and even insisted on wearing his pin to school.

Then the rain came which forced Craig out of the combine. He was home with the boys on Wednesday as I jetted off to work night one of 3. If you’re keeping track, that would be Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday + PALS class. YIKES.

Thursday began pretty uneventful. Again, Craig couldn’t combine so when I woke up and got ready for work, he came home at 5:15 to be with the boys. I saw him for a good 15 minutes, the first time we’d been in the same room since Sunday night. I had just enough time to snap this selfie with him before I headed out the door to work…or so I thought.

I love this picture, it’s been our “drive by love” for the past few months – making the most of time between jobs. I always think of one of my favorite Lori McKenna songs “The Good Fight” when I think of this wild stage we are in:

Still making the long drive
Still working overtime
Still lying by your side
Even in the great divide
Still staying up all night
Holding on just to make it right
Still fighting the good fight

Tune in for PART TWO. It only gets weirder from here.

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