COVID Chronicles – Round TWO

A blog post I hoped I never had to write. I got the VID. Better now than after baby comes I guess? Here’s how it all went down:

Day 0: Wake up with a sore throat and an annoying runny nose. I was uncomfortable enough it woke me up in the night and needed Tylenol. I had a home COVID test and figured I might as well test while I’m up. It was negative. Back to bed. I was at my mom’s later that day and felt WINDED. Everywhere I walked my heart would just pound, I checked my blood pressure and it was normal. I ended up napping by 11 am and felt much better after I woke up.

Day 1: Stuffy nose and brain fog. I’m at my mom’s again, we are working on packaging stationary, taking pictures of new shirts etc. (again, because I’m testing negative) I just assumed I had a nasty head cold, no biggie. I go through a box of kleenexes and I’m pretty darn tired. After a four hour nap before night shift I felt much better.

Day 2: On my way home from work I’m still pretty stuffed up with a runny nose. I can’t taste my Casey’s breakfast pizza and just assume it’s because my nose is plugged. I’m feeling better than the day before until I wake up around 4 pm. I feel pretty feverish and SWEATY. I think, “Well, I’d better test again.” They say you’re supposed to test on the first day of symptoms at 72 hours later. A big, fat, bold POSITIVE! I was so surprised. A wave of guilt washes over me as I think about all the people I saw in the past few days, both of my sisters and their kids were home and I saw them, I’ve been at my mom’s every day, I just feel terrible about it! I call into work and then realize how crappy I do actually feel. I’ve already exposed my husband/kiddos so life continues on as per usual in the Friedman house except I try to stay away from them and Craig sleeps in the boys’ room. Peep my new purple fuzzy bathrobe 🙂

Day 3: I get ahold of my OB provider who recommends I get the monoclonal antibody infusion to prevent further worsening of symptoms. It’s not actually an “infusion” anymore, they just started an IV and pushed the meds through. I’m considered high risk because of my BMI and because I’m pregnant. I spend the day feeling pretty wiped out and it feels like it’s settling in my chest now. I don’t have ANY taste or smell today and I started coughing.

Day 4: As I’m writing this today, NO ONE ELSE in my whole family that I’ve seen and been in close contact with before I knew I was positive has any symptoms whatsoever. I slept in the same bed as my husband, I snuggled with Gannon during nap time, my mom and my sister helped me package stationary, NO ONE has any symptoms. I’m feeling much better, I could even taste some of my breakfast. I’m still careful not to do too much, I’m still easily winded.

I’m vaccinated and boosted. Craig and the boys are vaccinated, so are my mom and sisters. Maybe my immune system is just down from being pregnant, I’m not sure how I got it. We had a crazy busy week last week, we were on vacation, we had doctors appointments, an eye doctor appointment, a wake, a wedding, open house at school, I worked all weekend, I could have gotten it from anywhere honestly. It’s just strange because I never went anywhere alone other than work.

I feel really bad about exposing my family but I really did do the right thing, I tested as soon as I had my first symptoms and was negative. My brother also had a cold and was testing negative so I assumed I must have the same thing. As far as the babe goes, there is an increased risk, ESPECIALLY if you are unvaccinated. I’ll have some closer monitoring in the last few weeks of my pregnancy here but they don’t seem too concerned.

*UPDATE* I am now FULLY recovered, COVID is behind us! Gannon ended up getting a cough/runny nose/goopy eyes. I’ve tested him THREE TIMES (still negative) and he even had to miss his very first day of school – I think his allergies are flaring up! Isn’t that just the saddest picture ever of him watching Carver get on the bus without him? It broke my heart but we got one more snuggle/nap time in this afternoon after he tagged along to my OB appointment.

Not one other person in my family has come down with any COVID symptoms which is AMAZING! I think because my immune system is more susceptible because I’m pregnant, we may have all been exposed and I’m the only one who got sick. I’m so thankful we got through it without the guilt of getting anyone else sick!

That’s all I’ve got! By the time you’re reading this, I’m probably fully recovered and out of quarantine, I’ll be delaying the post a bit.

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  1. Carolyn
    August 30, 2022 / 7:57 pm

    Exactly same as me. I got the sore throat and tested negative…next day I tested positive. I was careful around my husband and he didn’t get it. I got mine by giving friends a ride in my car home after they got off the cruise ship..didn’t think about masks. I felt ok a few days later and runny nose only lasted about 5 days. I had one down day but otherwise felt normal.

  2. Norie
    August 31, 2022 / 12:34 am

    That picture of Gannon is definitely the saddest ever!

  3. Kim from TN
    August 31, 2022 / 12:08 pm

    I’m so glad that you are on the mend, getting Covid truly sucks. You are right, with your busy schedule you could have gotten it anywhere and being pregnant makes you more susceptible. I hope Gannon is getting on the bus, he looks so sad, and I hope he enjoys school. Congratulations on getting your stationary in 2 magazines, how cool is that!!

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