I’ve been slacking on the blog posts lately – I’m not like my mom who is weeks ahead of schedule with plenty of posts. When I started blogging I would FORCE myself to blog and beat myself up if I missed a single day of posting. I’m definitley way more laid back about it now. I blog what I want, when I want, no pressure.

I also used to apologize to my readers every time I missed. I had one of my loyal readers (hey Elle) explain that there’s no need to start out each post with an apology, that people are just happy to hear from me when they do. So with that, HEY! and I’m NOT sorry I haven’t blogged much 😉

If you caught last week’s blog post about Craig and my workout mats, (you can read that here) I tell you what, that started a whole snowball effect. We’ve been trying to out do the other one ever since then – I went out of my way to buy him a Hardee’s mushroom and swiss and drop it off at work for him, (that’s his favorite), he went out of his way to sit down and read the boys a few books as soon as he got home from work while I made supper kid-free, I brought him home his favorite doughnuts, he scraped my car and filled up my tired after the big snow storm we had, it’s been back and forth trying to out do the other. The kindness is contagious.

This goes with a theory I’ve heard recently that kindness is a snowball effect. Good decisions influence more good decisions. Making a big frivolous purchase triggers the “well, if I can afford that, I can afford this too…” leading to more frivolous purchases. Paying off one debt gets you more excited to pay off another.

Ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Trip and stub your toe and spill your coffee on your way out the door? I feel like negativity is also contagious and causes more negativity.

Ever eat a cupcake? and then another cupcake? and then think “screw it, I blew it, might as well pour a glass of wine while I’m at it.” Then a glass of wine leads to two or three glasses. Before you know it you’ve polished off a bag of chips too.

But what if you woke up early and worked out. Then meditated. Then had a cup of coffee followed by a healthy breakfast. Would you be more or less likely to polish off a sleeve of oreoes after you’ve had a morning of healthy choices?

Ever have a ROUGH morning with the kids? Woke up late? Everyone is a little cranky, everyone is rushed, hustled and bustled out the door, it’s a cluster – doesn’t the rest of your day feel a little like that too?

I’ve just been noticing lately that actions are contagious. Smiles are contagious. Negativity is contagious. Anxiety is contagious. Acts of kindness are contagious. Complaining is contagious. So that lead me to this question: what are you spreading?

Thanks for reading, have a great day guys!

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  1. Sherri C
    February 12, 2021 / 4:34 pm

    Great post Kalissa!

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