Cleaning, Biting, and Overdosing – A day in the life of Carver Friedman

So today was insane. Carver was in RARE form so here it goes.

Carver is an early riser – like way early – usually up by 5 am. We’ve let him come in our bed, sometimes he goes and gets a snack, sometimes he watches the TV in our room, sometimes he crawls in Gannon’s crib. I’ve woken up to crumbs in my bed but nothing more than that – he’s usually pretty good and we DON’T want to get up that early.

This morning he burst into our room as soon as our alarm went off and exclaimed “I CLEANED GANNON’s room mom! Mom come look!” Well Gannon’s room is the hallway. We store a few things in the hallway, it’s typically kind of messy – a catch all area.

We walked out and yes, the hallway was clean. By that I mean, there wasn’t any clutter because Carver had thrown everything in the hallway over the railing and down the stairs.

Carver shoved half the junk in his room

So he spent quite some time hauling everything back upstairs. I appreciate the thought, I don’t think he was “trying” to be naughty but..yeah that’s not cleaning (although it seems that’s how his dad cleans 😉 )

He threw the other half down the stairs

I should have taken that as a warning to NOT TRUST CARVER when I assume he is sleeping. It may have prevented incident #2 of the day…

I nap with the boys. Gannon is ready for a nap around 11 am and honestly, today, so was I. Carver usually naps with us. He laid on the couch and I did too – we usually sleep upstairs too but carver wanted to watch Frozen 2 which we have to watch on the downstairs TV.

We all laid down and Gannon and I and (I assumed) Carver fell asleep. I woke up after the movie, Carver asked if he could still watch TV on the couch and I put on a new show for him and now I know he fell asleep at my feet. I woke up later, Carver was still sleeping, Gannon was still sleeping. I snuck out into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

There was a big orange spill on the counter. I thought that was weird. I went to wipe it up and try to figure out what it was. It smelled like Children’s ibuprofen. Weird.

I had given Gannon Tylenol/ibuprofen this morning because he his teething and miserable. The Tylenol was still in the counter, but the orange ibuprofen was gone. Weird.

Then I got thinking – did Carver get into the medicine? I go and wake him up and demand to know if he has seen the bottle. He said no and fell back asleep. Whew! Okay. But WHERE IS IT?

I frantically searched around the house some more when I couldn’t find it I really woke Carver up. Like REALLY made him wake up when he showed me where he had taken the bottle…the toy room closet. Another big orange puddle on the floor, it was almost EMPTY.

I’m not exactly sure how much was in it, but I would estimate 3/4s full when I gave Gannon ibuprofen that morning. There was probably still 1/4th left with a big puddle on the counter and a big puddle on the floor. So that was still 1/2 the bottle to account for.

Carver had drank it. Panic mode? Not for this ER nurse. We got a lot of “kids getting into medicine” in the ER – usually it isn’t a huge deal so I called poison control. They were so helpful and agreed – just keep an eye on him – make sure he doesn’t get too sleepy or he will have to go in. If he finished the bottle it could have been worse.

Then carver INSISTED on going back to sleep and telling me how tired he was. Eek. That made me nervous. He was yawning and he’s typically a no napper to begin with. So we went on a bike ride to stay awake and he’s been just fine ever since. I think it’s safe to say we are out of the woods. Lesson LEARNED. He says he needed medicine because he sneezed ?‍♀️?‍♀️

Shame me if you want, but don’t pretend like it couldn’t happen to you. Anyone keep pills in their purse? Anyone also keep candy in their purse? What if your grandkids or kids can’t tell the difference? I’m sharing my story to make sure you double check. We thought medicine was safe on the counter with the lid on. I thought I could trust carver.

And for the grand finale, Craig and I were playing at my moms outside – teasing each other, playing keep away when Carver ran right up to me and bit the fleshy part of my upper thigh – hard enough to immediately bruise and draw blood. I think he got too excited and wanted attention and wanted to play/tease too but OWWW!!

Anyway, so that was my day! Carver always keeps us on our toes! We’ve had lots of long talks today. It’s hard being a mom some days! As we were laying in bed about to go to sleep Carver looks up and asks “Mommy, do you still love me?” My heart BROKE. Yes of course Carver, there’s nothing you could do to make me love you any less.

None of what he did was malicious, he really thought he was helping clean, he really thought he needed medicine, and he just got too excited when we were playing. He’s just all the way 3 years old.



  1. Deb Praus
    May 30, 2020 / 11:01 am

    There is always one that keeps you on your toes! I once called Poison Control 3 times in one week. I look back and am glad they did not trace calls. They would have called DHS! We even moved out of a house that still had a set of keys in it that we never did find after he had them. He could pull himself up on chairs at 6 months, he walked at 9 months, rode a bike at 4 and yet could not say a word until he was 3. I remember saying, “if I make it til he goes to school” If I make it until he is ten” “if I make it until he graduates”….. Never anything on purpose or malicious, just being him! He turned into a wonderful adult whom I adore. Hang in there. You will laugh someday about it all. Enjoy your blog and read every day!

  2. LaNan Eldridge
    May 30, 2020 / 11:29 am

    I spent a night in the hospital with our oldest daughter after she climbed about five feet to get my purse and then told me the vitamins tasted yucky…..I dint have any vitamins at that time so I came downstairs to see the contents of my purse all over and the extra strength Tylenol opened and out on the floor. It was an awful moment. She was about two years old and couldn’t give me a definitive answer as to how many she took nor did I know how many were in the bottle. Her stomach got pumped and white things came out but didn’t know if they were marshmallows from her lucky charms breakfast! But she was treated as tho she had taken some but the dr. felt later that she had probably licked it and didn’t ingest any!! My lesson learned 37 years ago!! She was my climber and my purse was hidden after that! Motherhood is always full of surprises and challenges!! Enjoy your motherhood experiences!!

  3. Paulette
    May 30, 2020 / 12:40 pm

    Whew, you all had a day! I’m glad Carver is okay. When our daughter was a toddler, she opened the doors where we kept the vinyl records and opened the box that held the record cleaning pad and a tiny bottle of solution (that must’ve looked like her dolly’s baby bottles to her, we figure). She managed to get the cap off and sucked on that stuff. I had no idea what was in it (mostly alcohol, it turns out). Called Poison Control and they said to give her milk and keep an eye on her for a few hours. No harm done and she thought it was great that she got an extra snack and got to stay up late. Kids… This is why we get gray hair, lol.

  4. Elle
    May 30, 2020 / 3:46 pm

    Well, the blog title could have been “the life of a Mom”. 😉

    All is well that ends well. Bless his heart for asking if you still love him. Tells you he knows he was naughty.

    I wish you a WONDERFUL Saturday!

  5. Janice S
    May 30, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    I’m so glad Carver is ok!
    Please share how you will keep meds (& other items that could hurt a child) away from your kiddos.
    I have a 4 year old granddaughter who is at our house 5 days a week all summer. I have lots of meds in our house so I’d like to hear how yr going to do that.

  6. Bonnie Lippincott
    May 30, 2020 / 6:27 pm

    I feel for you. My 5 year old found a bottle of baby aspirin (it was 1974) , also while she should have been napping in her room. When I checked on her she had a pink ring around her mouth. When asked what she had eaten she said, candy. We found the bottle behind her bed. It was empty! I managed to stay calm and figured out there may have been 10 or left before she got to them. Thank heaven for poison control, they figured out the dose she took and with her size and weight, she would be fine. Being a Mom can sure be heart stopping at times.

  7. Susan the Farm Quilter
    May 30, 2020 / 8:36 pm

    Oh the joys of an early riser and no-napper! Looks like your sleeping opportunities are limited!! Much easier when they are still willing to stay in their crib. With my oldest daughter, she didn’t realize for almost a year that she could get out of her bed! She was my sleeper, taking naps all the way through the first month of first grade! Glad Carver didn’t have to go see the blue nurses (am I remembering that right?)! I hope you heal quickly from the bite…those can be nasty!

  8. Carolyn Sullivan
    May 30, 2020 / 9:09 pm

    OMG!!!!! I sometimes wonder why boys, men die young…. BUT I had girls and went through a lot of that too!.
    I used to work 3-11 at the hospital meaning you are lucky to get home at 12 midnight. So my early rising Daughter liked cereal and milk. when I worked I would buy her a box of cereal at the cafeteria and a small pitcher of milk (tupperware had one w a little lid that she loved) She would eat that and watch Sesame Street, waking me after she got done! you have my heart.

  9. Susan Stringfellow
    May 31, 2020 / 2:08 pm

    You are very luck- when I was about two years old and my mom was talking to someone at the door, I told her I sneezed and needed some medicine- as all moms will, she told me just a minute till I’m done here. Well, I decided I would take things into my own hands and got a kitchen chair, climbed up to the cabinet and TOOK AN ENTIRE BOTTLE OF BABY ASPIRIN! Ended up having to get my stomach pumped! My poor mother!

  10. Sally
    June 1, 2020 / 12:28 am

    Oh, that Carver! So glad everyone survived! He really is cute, though! And I think he’s going to look just like his daddy when he grows up!

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