Christmas Eve 2020 RECAP!

I wanted to post a quick recap of our Christmas 2020 for documentation purposes!

Christmas was a bit wonky this year – I was scheduled to work nights on the 24th, 25th and 26th which was a bummer but by some magical mystical Christmas miracle, I got call on the night of Christmas! Which was great because I didin’t get much sleep after I worked on Christmas Eve.

Carver and Gannon opened presents at our house on Christmas Eve morning, I didn’t want to miss it because of work. We’ve never really done Santa at our house but Carver was super excited about Santa this year, he heard about it at school and so we played along and it was fun!

I made a little scavenger hunt with the boys and hid the presents all around the house and the grand finale was in the garage. Carver got a new bike (without training wheels) and Gannon got a nice new bike carrier for when we hit the trails again this summer.

The boys also got and are obsessed with everything LEGOS! Here they are playing so nicely together 🙂 In fact, Gannon had a meltdown (he is MASTER of the meltdown lately) when I told him to put his Legos away and take a nap:

And of course, I fell for the commercialism of matching Christmas pajamas so here are those pics! Obviously Gannon is NOT a fan of pictures! I’m super nervous because he’s in a wedding on Thursday and he. does. not. like. pictures. right. now.

Carver loved the Santa scavenger hunt and honestly, I did too. We made sure to watch Carver’s favorite movie – The Star – that tells the story of Jesus’ birth in a really cute hilarious and easy to understand way. I don’t have many pictures of the scavenger hunt – I video taped it instead for years to come and revisit the joy.

The FUNNIEST part was when we were out in the garage, Carver was VERY surprised and confused to see that SANTA WAS DRINKING DADDY’s BEER! This was totally unprovoked on our part – out of the blue Carver sees a few beer cans sitting on the bar and put two and two and two together and assumed Santa was drinking Daddy’s beer! HA!

Anyway, I was going to make one big Christmas post but I’m just finishing day one of Christmas and that’s enough for a blog post so I’m going to call that good for now!

Quite honestly, this year didn’t feel like Christmas at all to me. It’s been a weird year and many of our Christmas traditions weren’t the same or cancelled altogether. It’s just one year, I sure hope next year is a little more magical.



  1. Susan the Farm Quilter
    December 28, 2020 / 9:56 pm

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to church late on Christmas Eve…the only church we could find that wasn’t virtual was a Catholic church so we went (even though we are not Catholic). As the alter boy was walking around the church with the incense, the incense set off the fire alarms…totally a 2020 Christmas thing!! But we did get to sing (with masks on) and it was interesting to see how different religions do things. Glad you got to spend Christmas on call!!! What a blessing!

  2. Nance in Reno
    December 28, 2020 / 10:14 pm

    Ever since our daughter was born, we told her that Baby Jesus had 3 gifts for Christmas, and she wasn’t more special than He, so she has only ever gotten 3 gifts from us. My parents would give her one gift, a savings bond, and an experience (Holiday on Ice show, day baking cookies, etc.) Her other grandmother would give her a book. When our daughter turned 8, she decided one of her gifts would be a llama donated to the Heifer Project.
    She’s an only child, so it doesn’t take very long to unwrap 2 gifts, so we did a scavenger hunt or “the Grinch” stole her gifts and wrote the clues in code (typed message out and then converted it to wing ding font. She figured out the 1st word was her name, so then she substituted those letters in the note). She’s 28 now, and this year she donated 3 alpacas to Heifer Project families.
    We didn’t want to fib to her about Santa, so we always told her, “Santa is love in our hearts.”

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