I used to be a bad nurse.

THERE! I said it. I’ve gotten so many comments from readers about what a wonderful nurse I am and how I’m so caring and compassionate but I’m telling you: I used to be a bad… View Post

A Sad Halloween…

Craig and I LOVE Halloween. We have gone ALL OUT every year ever since we have been dating. This year, we won’t be going out. I worked last weekend when most of the partying was… View Post

About last week…

I’m busy. When I say I’m busy I mean it. Spring and Fall is just nuts for me. I work 36 hours per week in the ER. I work 20 (ish) hours per week teaching… View Post

A dead car battery, chicken lo mein, a bike, and a SUPER cute tote.

So my initial thought was to share a quick and EASY recipe with you all for a quick supper before work: Chicken Lo Mein Boil some noodles (I used angel hair, my mom uses ramen)… View Post

Why I don’t have Monday’s Blog Post Written

Here is why I don’t have a blog post written for this dreary Monday morning: I spent my entire day with Gannon at the University of Iowa Hospitals – here is more on that story… View Post