A Romantic Evening

I literally did nothing today. I mean it. I laid in my bed and watched hooked on phonics with Carver and snuggled Gannon on the couch. Craig didn’t have to work much so he was home and played video games. I took a nap in the morning AND in the afternoon. I. Did. Nothing.

Except bake a ham.

So when 5 p.m. came around it was a rude awakening when no one had done the laundry or finished making supper and I hadn’t showered and blah blah blah. I was BEHIND and I had to work overnights! The house was a disaster.

I quick threw some side dishes in the oven including green bean cassorole (Craig’s favorite) and look at what I snuck into it!

I’m working harder on incorporating veggies in our meals as much as possible so when I found this at WalMart I was so pumped. Essentially, I mixed one can of the creamy cauliflower with 2 cans of green beans and those crunchy onions. Craig said it tasted AMAZING and he couldn’t even tell a difference.

Surprisingly, I was able to find an amazon link… only if you want to buy 12! HA! https://amzn.to/2SRBW5k

I run upstairs and quick shower then I run back downstairs and throw the food on the table, get everyone scooped up, finally sit down to eat and then I heard the sound no one wants to hear with a mouth full of food…

Gannon threw up all over himself. UGH!

While I was already running late for work and now unable to enjoy my supper like a normal person at a table with their family and not driving in the car on the way to work, I grabbed Gannon, stripped him down and threw him in the tub.

Soon enough Carver gave up on eating too and hopped in the tub. A few moments later I got a tap on the shoulder.

Craig brought me my plate and brought his plate in the bathroom too. We sat on the floor and finished our supper together. It was so sweet. He reassured me it wouldn’t always be this crazy with two little ones. We watched the boys splash around in the tub.

As you can see I clearly have no shame. I’m still in my towel and the boys are in their birthday suits. Craig was the one who actually suggested the picture which was also sweet.

Sweet romantic moments don’t come in candle lit restaurants. They apparently come while bonding over cleaning vomit out of your child’s hair.

The Adventures of Carver and Gannon

These two boys are growing more and more every day!

Carver is almost three and a half now and Gannon is almost 1! Carver came and informed me the other day that he no longer wanted to be three and he wanted to be “nothing.”

Carver got Woody from Toy story for Christmas and then promptly informed me he wanted a Buzz Light Year. So we went to Walmart and he used his money he got from Auntie Kayla for Christmas and Carver made his first ever purchase with his own money and bought Buzz Light Year.

The other day it got too quiet – moms and grandmas – you know what I mean – it got way to quiet and I couldn’t find the boys…until I opened the bathroom door and found this:

Carver had drug Gannon into the bathroom. I asked what they were doing and Carver said “We’re just playing!” I said what are you playing and he said “Leave us on our own mom, we are just playing!”

Here they were cuddling on the couch. Carver is sometimes too aggressive with Gannon and hugs too tight. We’re working on that.

Gannon is just our constant source of joy in our life right now. This boy is always happy, always content, always smiling, always happy to be on his own or to get tons of attention, just the most content baby I’ve ever met in my life. There are very few things he doesn’t like.

  1. Getting his face washed.
  2. Getting his nose wiped.
  3. Getting lotion on after a bath.
  4. Getting put in his car seat.

Gannon was not doing well with transitioning into solid foods. His cousin Georgia could out eat him any day! Then, just like that, Gannon eats EVERYTHING!!!

Andd if you need Carver he will probably be farming and after that he will be farming until he needs to farm again!

See you again tomorrow at 5:30 for another blog post!

Family Photos and Christmas Cards

Every year at Christmas we get family pictures taken. (and by every year I mean we’ve done it for two years now)

We have several extremely talented photographers in our area but one of our favorites offers “mini sessions” around Christmas time – just a quick half hour session – you get about 25 images out of a 30 minute session in her studio for $125. We love it!

Here are a few of my favorites from last year:

So this year I was so excited to book again! Here’s how they turned out:

YAY! I know what you’re thinking! Those are GREAT pictures but you guys, the photo shoot was a STRUGGLE!

Gannon was still recovering from ear infection and has never had pictures before so he was VERY confused by the entire thing and many of the outtakes look like this:

The struggle was so real. It was so bad Craig and I are sincerely concerned about his hearing – we were making all kinds of noises and sounds trying to get him to look at us or perk up – nothing. It is a miracle we got the pictures we did.

And then about 30 seconds after this picture was taken…

Gannon toppled over and bonked his head on the floor. At first I thought it was just a bump…until his mouth started bleeding! …all over his sweatshirt. I still hadn’t got a picture of the boys together yet. Carver threw a HOLY FIT and refused to hold or touch Gannon whatsoever. So we came up with this:

(note the extra padding/fluff to prevent further injuries)

So I think she edited the blood out of that picture but needless to say, the photo shoot was not going well at this point. The blood was too much so we decided to change his shirt to see if that would help.

As you can see, the fall really broke his spirit so we decided to give it one more shot at a group photo before we called it a day:

Which wasn’t bad but Carver is actually doing his best to get out of the picture and Gannon…well Gannon was so over it at this point. We sincerely apologized to the photographer – who was so cool by the way. It was a CRAZY photo session to say the least! My goodness! But I got the pictures I wanted for our Christmas Card:

And the backside reads:

2019 was a year for the books and not in a great way. On January 24th my father was diagnosed with lung cancer which claimed his life on June 2nd. We not only lost a father and “Papa Moo” (as Carver calls him) but a dear friend. Our favorite nights were spent playing cards with my parents or going to their house for supper. We miss him dearly. What a cruddy was to start off a Christmas card but his absence has taken up much of our thoughts since he passed away 7 months ago.

In August, Craig accepted a position at Achen Farms as row crop manager of about 2,500 acres – the same farm my dad has worked for the last 28 years. Craig thoroughly enjoys his new job as a farmer and we love having a connection to the farm I grew up on especially after Dad passed away.

In other news and on a more positive note, Gannon Joseph Friedman was born on February 25th weighing in at 8 lbs 11 ounces. My water broke the morning after a huge blizzard snow storm and we had to call in a few favors to get plowed out in time to get us to the hospital. Gannon is the calm to our storm and the sweetness to our sour year. He had some medical issues and was hospitalized for 6 days when he was only a month old. We are pleased that many of those issues have resolved. He is starting to pull himself up, crawl everywhere, and now walking won’t be too far away.

Carver turned three in September and is all the way farm boy. Everything is tractors and tools and combines. Carver loves to get into trouble and that has landed him in the ER needing stitches or staples twice this Summer. Forget terrible twos, Carver is all the way a three year old – or a “threenager” as I lovingly call him. He loves being a big brother and sibling rivalry hasn’t been too much of an issue (yet)!

AS for me I’ve continued my career as an ER nurse. I love teaching nursing students through NICC although it made for an extremely busy Fall with Craig in the combine, working my full time ER job and teaching clinicals September – November. I’m following in my mom’s footsteps and launched my own blog ThePinkShoelaces.com which Would be a great way to keep up with our family throughout the year. We sincerely wish you and your family health and happiness in the new year.

Shout out to Alacia Adrienne Photography for doing a wonderful job each year!

Why Frozen is my Favorite Disney Movie EVER!

We watch Frozen like literally all day every day in the Friedman house. Carver and his best buddy at childcare argue over whether or not they can be Elsa or Anna. Carver has sparkly blue Frozen rain boots. I’m constantly singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?” I bought fake snow balls so Carver could pretend to make snow like Elsa.

Recently, Frozen II came out. We have an awesome theater about 20 minutes from our house and while you have to wait awhile for the movie to get there, it is only $1 for a ticket!

You can read more on our trip to the theater here on my mom’s blog: https://www.joscountryjunction.com/at-the-movies-frozen-ii/

Here’s the trailer:

Here are 5 reasons why Frozen is my FAVORITE Disney movie ever!

  1. Elsa does not need a man! Not once does she have a love interest in either movie. My absolute FAVORITE scene in the movie is when she is determined to get to the island of Ahtohallan she has to learn how to tame the water – there’s this amazing scene of her getting knocked down and pulled back into the water and fighting with this horse in the water in the same sea/same storm that killed her parents. She overcomes the horse and tames it and rides off to the island. She embraces her powers and lives in Harmony where she feels like she finally belongs. I felt so liberated FOR HER! She is not worried about some guy! She’s got her kingdom to save! When she needed to be saved, she called her sister. Talk about GIRL POWER!
  2. How many Disney movies can you think of where this average GUY is head over heels for the PRINCESS?? NONE! But Kristoff is the hopeless romantic head over heels for Anna and I just love it. Anna is pretty clueless that he is trying to propose the entire movie! Not only that but Anna is the QUEEN who marries average non – royalty Kristoff – usually the BOY is the prince and makes the girl the princess. Not in this franchise!
  3. My absolute favorite part is when Elsa realizes her grandfather was a bad man who tricked the natives and caused the mist to come over the forest. She immediately knows she has to right the wrong and is no longer loyal to her ancestors knowing they were on the wrong side of history. What an excellent example of being able to tell right from wrong no matter how you were raised and for standing up for what is right.
  4. THE. MUSIC. IS. SO. EPIC. The soundtrack has actually broken records for how popular it is. I’m listening to it as I write this blog post.
  5. “Our love is not fragile!” OMG. My heart melted when I heard this line from Kristoff. Like, you can’t get rid of me that easy! I’m here to stay no matter how ugly it gets! He followed it with “I’m here, what do you need?”
  6. The fire lizard was so incredibly adorable and probably my favorite character.
  7. I said I was only going to write 5 reasons why I loved the movie so much but #7 is Olaf. He is just…I love that snowman.

Anyway! Those are all why I loved Frozen 2! I highly recommend! Some of the concepts are a little deep but that is why I love Disney movies!

State of the Friedmans

The last few weeks have been crazy!

Here’s a bunch of stuff that happened in no particular order:

There have been LOTS of snuggles!!

Gannon ate Spaghetti!! He does NOT eat baby food – hates it! I took a chance on spaghetti and he LOVED it!

And then…Gannon had an allergic reaction to spaghetti! Look at his poor little cheeks – and then broke out in a rash

Gannon has been struggling with coughing fits at night and was started on Albuterol and Qvar inhaler – wondering if this is the start of asthma

Carver LOVES to help Gannon with bath time!


I get a new pair every winter from Payless. Now that Payless has closed, I’ve been scouring the internet for the perfect pair and I FOUND THEM IN MY SIZE!

I wish I would have switched to Bear Paw sooner – they are so so fuzzy and warm! I can feel the quality difference. They have TONS of different colors, styles, wide feet option, wide leg option and UP TO A SIZE 12! Check out the link below to snag yourself a pair:

“Take a picture of my FUNNY HAIR mom!!”

Carver got to ride in the combine with Daddy! Carver was watching the combine come down the field. Can you tell how excited he was??

I got to ride in the combine with Craig!

I always get SUPER tired when I drive long distances – I don’t know how Craig stays awake those late nights in the combine. Now I get it! He has so many gears, gadgets, and monitors to keep track of. Something is always beeping!

Check out my new home office space!

This has been on my to-do list since January – it is FINALLY complete! I love it! This is a corner in our dining room.

I’m all for making goals loud and clear for everyone to see. Remember I said we had a goal to pay off $12,000 of debt between August 1st and December 31st? It is up on the wall for all to see on this new chalkboard I scored off of Amazon. I was nervous to get a chalkboard because of the mess/dust but I got chalk markers to go with it too which are brighter, clearer, and easier to clean! Bonus: NO SMUDGING! (see link below for chalk markers and chalkboard which comes in several sizes)

I LOVE my black and white picture frames too! Also, AMAZON! (see link below)

And the DESK! Also courtesy of Amazon. I will buy from this Amazon brand again and again! It is EXACTLY the look I’m going for in our dining room!

Shelves and decor courtesy of Hobby Lobby!

We soak up every second we can get with Craig when he isn’t in the combine!

Someone dropped off this toy rocking horse off on our porch and Carver LOVES it! We have no idea where it came from…if you left it for us, PLEASE LET US KNOW so Carver can send you a thank you 🙂

I fit back into my jeans!

I’ve tried these jeans on once a month since Gannon was born and they FINALLY fit again!

Also – I have NEVER shown my belly button online – so there it is in all of its mommy tummy mushy squishy glory! I’m PROUD of my mommy tummy and my baby stripes (stretch marks) as Carver calls them!

I don’t do well with numbers on a scale – these jeans have been my goal! I’ve come so far to show this body of mine some love. Here I am.

That is all I know for now!! I’ll be posting Monday – Friday this week at 5:30 am! Thanks for reading friends!

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