Why I Left My First Nursing Job

I can’t stress how difficult the transition is from a student nurse to a professional nurse. I even had experience as a CNA, EMT and LPN and nothing could have prepared me for the culture… View Post

My First Medication Error

To the nurse who just made their first medication error: I know what you’re feeling. Your stomach is in your throat. Your eyes are burning with tears. Your heart is racing as you skim back… View Post

I used to be a bad nurse.

THERE! I said it. I’ve gotten so many comments from readers about what a wonderful nurse I am and how I’m so caring and compassionate but I’m telling you: I used to be a bad… View Post

A Letter to my Nursing Students:

I’m so glad to meet you. SINCERELY. I firmly believe I am meeting a group of lifelong friends today. I look forward to becoming your mentor and colleague. I hope when you’re struggling you hear… View Post

Above and Beyond

How many times do we hear that phrase “above and beyond?” ALL. THE. TIME. I hear it in award speeches, I hear it in those cheesy AIDET classes we have to take, I even hear… View Post