The Gannon Update

I know you’ve all been wondering about Gannon. I finally got the call from Milwaukee today (4 days later than I expected) that they have a plan of care set in place for Gannon when… View Post

Gannon update: Our Wednesday in Iowa City

We tried to beat the ice storm on Tuesday. After I got off work at 7 pm, we drove the 2 hours down to Iowa City and got a hotel. Thank goodness we did (thanks… View Post

Gannon Joseph and the Great Big Belly!

I said Gannon was doing better. He was doing much better. He went a whole 24 hours without throwing up last Thursday. But, Gannon is not better. I want to preface this blog post with… View Post

A Morning in the ER

Gannon threw up on Sunday night. We didn’t think much of it. Sometimes he finds a little piece of fuzz on the floor before we can catch him and he puts it in his mouth… View Post

Shine a Light

When my dad passed away, my Mom and I ventured up to Lacrosse for a “final” appointment with his doctors. Dad went from a strong, hardworking, “nothing slows me down” kind of guy, to withering… View Post