Family night at the Kramer house!

I had the best night last week. Craig hadn’t met our new nephew JASPER yet. Kayla brought him up north to my mom’s house to visit! My sister Kelli was there with my niece Georgia.… View Post

My Extra-Ordinary Valentine’s Day!

As in it was “extra ordinary” not extraordinary. Carver worked very hard on his Valentines…about as hard as a 3 year old can work…which isn’t very hard. He “wrote” about three names on Valentines. He… View Post

The Sunday Update

Well, it isn’t going to be a SUNNY Sunday in Northeast Iowa. We are in a Winter Weather Advisory until 6 pm tonight. We are supposed to get somewhere between 3 and 8 inches of… View Post

The Friedman Fam’s Fiascoes

In no particular order, here is a conglomeration of recent happenings of the Friedman home: Gannon and Carver Got their Hairs Cut! A dear family friend of ours cuts hair after her full time job… View Post

A week in the life of Kalissa Friedman…

This last week has been CRAZY. Sunday: I felt like crap. I cancelled my plans and did NOTHING. Monday: I felt the wrath of not doing any prep for the week on Monday. I had… View Post