Dad’s Real Plate

My Dad HATED paper plates. In hindsight, I don’t really know why. Mom would dish out paper plates to all of us kids, especially on pizza night. Dad would always say, “I want a REAL… View Post

One Year Ago: Reliving Dad’s Cancer Journey

One year ago on February 7th, I wrote this: Today was a tough day. Mom and Dad ventured through the ice storm to get to Lacrosse for an appointment with dad’s surgeon and for breathing… View Post

“What is it like when a parent is diagnosed with cancer?”

I’ve gotten this question before: What is it like when a parent is diagnosed with cancer? I happen to be an expert in this topic considering both of my parents have been diagnosed with cancer.… View Post

January 24th, 2019: Day 1 of 129 – Diagnosis Day

“You will never forget this phone call.” “Huh? What do you mean?” “Dad’s CT came back. They released the results on MyCare It says he has advanced lung cancer.” Immediate tears. Not even tears, sobbing.… View Post

Above and Beyond

How many times do we hear that phrase “above and beyond?” ALL. THE. TIME. I hear it in award speeches, I hear it in those cheesy AIDET classes we have to take, I even hear… View Post