Back to the Ol’ Grind!

And I’m back to a long work stretch. I have much less control over my schedule as a travel nurse which is pretty common. It’s the first time I’ve worked on a “block schedule” which is the same pattern of shifts over and over again. If I march out my schedule, I can guess what I’ll be working all the way to my maternity leave. It’s neither good or bad, it just is. I end up working a lot of shifts in a row, something I’m not used to, but then I’ll have 8 days/7 nights off every three weeks so there’s a trade off.

I’m used to self scheduling, I’ve had it at my last 3 nursing jobs and definitely prefer it. I would rather work 2 nights in a row and then a random night later in the week. I work more consistently and I don’t get a chunk of time off but it doesn’t burn me out as bad.

For example I’ll work Friday Saturday Sunday, (off Monday) back to work Tuesday Wednesday Thursday (off Friday Saturday Sunday) then work Monday Tuesday Wednesday but then comes my big chunk of time off. That stretch is a challenge but again, I don’t love it or dislike it, it just is! Plus, that’s part of being a traveler so I knew what I was getting into.

I spent some of my time off not feeling very well, the boys both had colds two weeks ago and gave them all to the adults. The boys bounced back pretty quick but myself, Craig and I cannot quite kick this cold! We did test negative for COVID by the way but it is just lingering! I’m on day 8 and still have a very drippy nose/cough. It also triggered my herpes keratitis, yes you read that right. It is a herpes infection I get in my EYE – not the same as the STD. Just like some people get cold sores in their mouth/lips, I get mine in my left eye when my immune system is down. This is the third outbreak I’ve had so I got it very early and got into the eye doctor.

On Thursday, I took some time to myself. I sent the boys to the babysitters, I drove to a town further away and tried out a new coffee shop and boutique I’ve been following for awhile. 10/10 recommend both! I got 2 new purses, a teeny outfit for the new babe, and some delicious lemon blueberry scones! I will definitely be going out of my way to stop again! Then I had lunch with two of my good friends/former co workers! It was wonderful!

I had a very sad realization the other day, then I convinced myself I shouldn’t be sad about it, then I saw another mom also post about it and I thought, darn it! I am sad about it! Gannon and I had our last official day together on Carver’s last day of school. He’s been my sidekick and napping buddy for the past 2 years every day while Carver is in school. It’s very bittersweet to be sending him off to preschool, the days of just mommy and Gannon have come to an end. While we still have all Summer together with Gannon and Carver, it’s just not the same as that precious 1:1 time I’ve had with my little man. I’ll have about a month of days by myself while both boys are at school before baby boy #3 comes this fall. Then I’ll have uninterrupted bonding time with the newest little! Gannon will still be home with us on Wednesdays which will be a treat!

That’s the weekend update! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Carolyn Sullivan
    May 29, 2022 / 10:44 am

    I had a Nursing job that did those 7 day stretches, and gave us 3 day w/e’s once a month. I would usually find someone to trade a Monday or Tuesday for a Friday! get rid of the 7 days…. I would be too exhausted by the last day. More prone to making errs by that time too.

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