Sunday Morning!

What a FUN weekend! Watched my sister Kelli’s three little ones on Friday! Farmer’s market on Saturday AM with my mama! All fancied up for a wedding on Saturday night! Working on my side gig… View Post

“Should have known better…”

If you’ve ever lost someone close to you, you can probably relate to this story. Something about funerals makes people say the stupidest things. Most readers know my Dad passed away from lung cancer at… View Post


Maybe by the time we are out of debt Gannon will actually sit and smile for a picture 😂😂 as you can see the ice cream bribe didn’t even work! What a MONTH! I know… View Post

Craig’s Dental Drama

So a large part of why my past few days have been CRAZY is because of Craig’s teeth. Craig has bad teeth. Craig has had braces for over 5 years, he’s always got a cavity… View Post


Holy cow, you guys, what a few weeks it has been. I’ve honestly never had a crazier/busier/whirlwind week than I have had this past week. Every day, I thought, “Oh, I should blog about that!”… View Post