The Gannon Update – July 2021

If you’ve been a long time reader, you know my son Gannon has faced many health issues in his 2 years of life starting with hospitalization at 6 weeks old. Many tests, procedures, surgeries, later,… View Post

Earn it.

We were BEST FRIENDS with my parents. We still are REALLY close with my mom but when my dad was still around, we would go out to eat together, have supper together, we were more… View Post

Gannon has Pneumonia + Weather Spotting!

It was an INTERSTING past few days to say the least! Gannon was sick like 2 weeks ago – typical virus – coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc. His cough never quite went away. He got… View Post

NEW DRINK RECIPE: Watermelon Crushers!

So we were out and about at a Market a few weeks ago and they had a bar – imagine a food truck but with alcoholic beverages. They had some really cool options and I… View Post

Cheers to the Weekend!

I’m totally still in shock over how well Saturday’s sale went! I had 60+ orders to package and they still keep coming in! I’m so thankful for my customers for supporting me! The boys get… View Post