A New Diagnosis…

I have some good news. Yesterday I was finally diagnosed with adult ADHD. This is something that I’ve been wondering about myself for years, but yesterday I got the chance to meet with my psychologist… View Post


I’m SO EXCITED for EMERGENCY NURSES WEEK! Out of the 6 years I’ve been a registered nurse, I’ve only spent one Emergency Nurses Week NOT working as an ER nurse in some capacity. That would… View Post

A “shitty” recipe and a GREAT one!

I LOVE cooking and creating new recipes. I seriously do. I love playing with flavors and rushing a sample across town for mom and Karl to try, it’s such a fun hobby I have! Craig… View Post

What Intermittent Fasting Looks Like for a Night Shifter!

As many of you know, I’ve been on a health journey of sorts since September 2020. I’m so far down about 30 lbs and have been continuously working to improve my mindset around dieting and… View Post

The PERFECT Fall Burrito!

I’m working on incorporating more veggies in my diet. One of my favorite recipe creators is Liz Moody on instagram. Her reels are so fun and she has the most creative way to use veggies!… View Post