August Activities!

So August hit and I went “OH CRAP!” Where did the summer go? We’ve been super intentional about checking some Summer bucket list items off!

We went to the pool and met up with my sister Kelli! My niece Georgia (same age as my son Gannon) hasn’t been to a pool before and she literally jumped right in – she’s a little fish. Her and Gannon had so so so much fun – we were there for 2.5 hours! And we got some cute pics!

I’ve been meaning to power wash our house for months now – FINALLY got that done – you should have seen the boys faces when I was on the roof! If you’re going to do it, do it right! I got every square inch of our house and garage and it looks so much better.

We visited Craig’s “Grandma Dee Dee” and “Papa Merle” to test out their new toy! We went to see all of her gardens (yes, multiple) and we spent a few hours at a beach not too far from their house. They boys had so much fun digging and playing!

We got our back to school shopping done! I learned my lesson last year when I bought Carver NEW NIKE shoes – they were ruined day 1! Walmart shoes run just as fast! Here he is trying to decide his favorite mine craft shirt to buy for new school clothes. That boy is OBSESSED with mine craft! It’s CRAZY to think that in a year we will be sending Gannon off to 3 year old preschool!

Craig and I also powered through an afternoon of cleaning and sorting EVERY SINGLE TOY and puzzles we have! OOF-DA! It was HARD but worth it – the house feels so much more organized now and the boys are once again playing and appreciating the toys they already have!

Annddddd Craig and I are off on a little vacation, just the two of us for a few days! Can’t wait to tell you all more about it! All Etsy orders will be processed and shipped on Thursday morning, I’m out of the office!

Side note: if you are still unvaccinated, please continuously reconsider your choice. Get new data, new information. It’s totally okay to change your mind if you were once against it. Without going into details, I’ve seen this Delta variant break more hearts this week than I’ve seen adverse vaccine reactions. It has no mercy. It is not just killing old people. These are young people with minimal comorbidities. These are pregnant mothers. Hospital systems are already in shambles. We cannot handle another wave.

Please continuously assess new data that is being presented. 96% of physicians in the United States are vaccinated. They all agree on something you INJECT into your body – that says a lot. I sure cannot claim to know better than 96% of physicians. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

And, to cite my source on the percentage of vaccinated physicians, check this out: AMA survey shows over 96% of doctors fully vaccinated against COVID-19 | American Medical Association (

AHH! I’m trying not to get so spicy about this! Sorry for the rant. I’m just really passionate about people I love not dying. Also, my (vaccinated) brother Karl is fully recovered from COVID for everyone who has been asking about him! I passed on your well wishes and we are so glad he pulled through okay after a bout of pneumonia!

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  1. Sally
    August 15, 2021 / 12:33 pm

    You worded your plea for vaccines so well, I copied it and sent to a dear friend who is not vaccinated (Very smart, Fulbright scholar, teacher). Her reply was “I can’t approve of anything that takes life so that I can live. I hope you allow me to be honest with you and still allow our friendship.” Wow. Why do people think like that? I don’t understand that “logic”. So glad that Karl is doing better!

  2. Elle
    August 15, 2021 / 2:52 pm

    Enjoy some well-deserved vacation time you two!

    Yes! Please please please reconsider vaccination. So few problems have occurred with more than 350 million doses given in the USA alone. We RNs are exhausted, burned out and mentally not well. This is so very preventable.

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