An Extra-Ordinary Wednesday Night…

I’ve found that some of the most memorable nights aren’t really that fancy at all. 

We spent a great deal of our March budget on a three day vacation for our family to Wisconsin Dells. While that was all great fine and dandy, I would say my favorite March memory thus far was last week. 

Craig came home around 5:30 and the boys were playing outside. We sat on the porch for a good hour and a half while we were grilling and just chatted, had a beer. When we came in the house, we had our family supper finished up with Craig’s favorite, (gross) instant vanilla pudding. 

Supper was filled with giggles while we chatted about what our favorite parts of our day was, the house was a mess, we didn’t even clear off the table before we ate. 

The boys jumped in the tub while I cleaned up supper. We snuggled into our pajamas, Craig was teasing the boys trying to grab their feet when they went up to bed. We finished the night off with a bedtime story (Craig is so good about remembering to read all of Carver’s library books) and we all snuggled into bed for the night. 

It was just a good night. A good, simple, wholesome night. One of those nights where you look around and realized how fortunate you are. These were the days I imagined when I wanted to start a family. 

Little did I know in just a few hours Gannon would end up in the ER with croup, (read more on that here) but all in all, it was a great evening and I’m glad I had a few pictures to remember it by. 

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