An Ear Infection…

I was looking forward to Tuesday, I’m helping a small local business with their social media/marketing through the holidays so we had our first meeting. I spent the rest of the day creating content and getting everything prepped for my Etsy launch. My eyes were SO tired by the end of the day, most of it was spent staring at a computer screen.

Wednesday Gannon had a few appointments in Iowa City – he will be getting his tonsils and adenoids out in December to hopefully help with his snoring and suspected sleep apnea. He also had another appointment with the Center for Disability and Development which ended up taking longer than expected. It was a rush to get home and get ready for my LIVE Facebook video I had scheduled at 6 PM. It ended up turning out just fine, you can watch that video here:

They were able to get Gannon in to his next specialist appointment early so we were scheduled to see ENT to confirm the tonsils and adenoids removal at 9:15 which means we have to leave at 7:15 AM. My day started MUCH earlier than that though.

Upon going to bed on Wednesday night, my left ear started feeling a little full. I didn’t think much of it. At 12 AM I woke up with severe left ear pain. I had an ear infection in February so I’m pretty familiar with how they feel and how it goes, I knew it was going to rupture. Sure enough, I was downstairs getting some Tylenol and Ibuprofen when they fluid in my ear started getting really loud, the pain got suddenly much worse, and whoosh – a gush of fluid. I was certain my ear drum had ruptured but at least the pain had lessened! I somehow drifted off to sleep sleeping on a heating pad and paper towels because my ear was constantly dripping.

I felt okay enough to take Gannon to his appointment, it was actually with an ENT specialist so I just mentioned my ear. I asked if she would take a look and consider sending antibiotics for me while I was there. She obliged, but really didn’t do much for me other than a quick peek and sending meds.

On the way home things had gotten dramatically worse. My whole neck was stiff and painful, my ear was gushing out pink fluid, my pain was a good 8/10. I called my mom crying, I couldn’t believe that this was just a run of the mill ear infection. I was in so so much pain. Thankfully, my mom offered to watch Anders so I could go home and get some sleep but even that didn’t help.

Now today I woke up, still in excruciating pain. I called our own ENT and they said to come on in and get it looked at. I first saw a nurse practitioner. She spent a lot of time looking in my ear, suctioning and suctioning out fluid, when she said she saw a “suspicious area” and needed to go get the doctor.

It turns out I have something called Bollous Myringitis – I had fluid filled blisters on my ear drum. I had thought my ear drum ruptured but it had actually just been these blisters, usually caused by a staph infection, popping and reforming and popping again. They said I needed to get a tube in my ear….today.

My only experience with tubes in the ear is when Carver and Gannon got tubes in their ears and they had to be sedated for it. They said with adults they can just put them in the office. Usually they wait until the infection is cleared but they couldn’t with me. So I laid awake while they cut into my infected irritated ear drum and placed a tube and suctioned out more awfulness. It. Was. Awful. That was so painful. The pain from the ear infection is less now but the pain from the procedure is still there. My neck and lymph nodes are all still super tender and I’m on pain medications as I’m typing this. I have to go back first thing on Monday to follow up with ENT again and make sure I’m improving.

We just can’t go a week without some kind of medical issue or drama. I’m pretty over making trips to the doctor, three just this week.

That’s all I’ve got folks! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hedy
    October 29, 2022 / 4:10 pm

    You are so brave! I just cannot imagine what you went through. And you just had a baby too. So sorry you have had such a rough time. Hopefully things will get better soon.

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