An Average Week in June…

We are on our way home from a local county fair. I’m full of funnel cakes, deep fried Oreos, and food truck goodness! We took carver, Gannon and his buddy Brody to the tractor pull and they had a blast! We rode a few rides too. All in all a great night. 

Things are finally slowing down around the Friedman house and I’ve had time to dink with my new cricut – have you heard of a cricut?

It’s pronounced CRICKET and it is a cutting machine so I can make SO MUCH with it but mostly I’ve been making stickers! It took a few trial and errors but I’ve got it down and having so much with it now! If I made stickers, what would you want on a sticker and where would you put it?

Craig has been home on time ish lately too and I love having him around more. 

My sisters are coming home this weekend and I’m excited to see them! It will be grandkid galore!! I think we are going to the pool together, to see fireworks, and all kinds of fun summer things! 

I’ve got a t shirt order in the works and should be maybe restocked the first week of July and I’m so excited to share some new designs with you!! 

They cat is out of the bag, my bestie REGAN and her husband Garrett are expecting in December!!! I’m so excited to be mommies together!

I had one quick shout out I wanted to feature – I’m not a huge candle girl until I found Wonder Joy candles at the local market. She has an Etsy shop and I bought two candles the day I met her and I LOVE THEM! I also got the lilac room spray that I love even more than the candles! Craig even likes it and it is literally JUST like lilacs! She’s a friend of a friend and seriously so sweet. Consider supporting her biz! I know it’s the only place I’ll be getting my candles and scents from! This is not sponsored in anyway, I sincerely love her products! I loved all of the scents and it was super hard to choose! Here is a link to her Etsy shop:

That’s all I have for now! Thanks for reading ya’ll!! Also, if you want to stay more up to date on the day to day I’m always active in my stories on Instagram @kalissageorgia 🙂 


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