A Summer Bummer + MORE Pneumonia

I’ve got some time off this week. I scheduled Carver for a morning “day camp” Monday – Thursday and then swimming lessons to follow each day – a busy morning but I was looking forward to it and I know Carver was too. Craig actually also took two days off this week, a good thing because the heat index is around 106 here in Iowa today.

So to begin our drama of the day, we have to go back about two weeks ago. Carver caught a little respiratory virus: loose cough, runny nose – run of the mill summer cold. This was the same time after Gannon was just diagnosed with pneumonia. Read more on that here: Gannon has Pneumonia + Weather Spotting!

That virus spread around, we felt bad for accidentally bringing it to daycare. There are TONS of viruses floating around right now – especially in the pediatric population. Carver seemed to, again, same as Gannon, keep coughing but was otherwise back to himself. Carver also has a hard time kicking respiratory stuff just like Gannon.

Monday was great – day one of Carver’s morning camp. We had so much fun, we went to the park, I went roller skating with my sister while Carver was at camp, we had a picnic between swimming lessons and camp, we played at the splash pad, Carver was brave enough to dunk his head during swimming lessons, I dropped the boys off at Grandma Dees and was off to work for a few hours I picked up in ER (more on that Grandma Dee visit for another day).

Tuesday was a little weirder. We woke up and took off to drop Carver off at camp – it was HOT! By the time it came to his swimming lessons, a cold front moved in and while it was still hot, it was much cooler. Carver spent about 5 minutes in the water and then sat out. The life guards (safety girls as Carver calls them) really tried to get him back in the water – the other kids had so much fun and Carver just said he was too cold. I went and talked to him, gave him a firm encouragement to get in the water. He started crying and said he just couldn’t because it was too cold and his neck hurt.

Whatever, I was pretty disappointed, we loaded up Carver and took him home and put him to bed. He felt kind of warm. I checked his temp at home and he was up to 101.5. He had spent all morning at camp running around in the heat, I’m sure he just got overheated and dehydrated. He took a big nap and when he woke up he was his perky old self.

This morning, we woke up late, ran out the door and dropped Carver off for camp. We went to visit Craig’s grandparents outside of town with Gannon. Craig doesn’t get over to see them as much as he’d like so we enjoyed our visit. I got a phone call from an unknown number on the way to pick him up – it was the camp leader – I needed to come quick, Carver was very sick, laying on the floor and as white as a ghost.

What the heck?! My mind was racing, I felt so bad for taking him to camp when he didn’t feel well but he really seemed fine that morning! I got there and Carver was bawling, he was taking a step down the stairs and was so weak he misstepped and I caught him. I carried him to the car, he just kept crying “My tummy hurts, my tummy hurts!” He felt feverish again. We decided to take him to the ER after there weren’t any clinic appointments. He threw up in the car on the way there and continued to cry and cry, complaining about his tummy – pointing right below his belly button. He was so pale.

Long story short, in the ER they started an IV, gave him some fluids, some nausea medication, and they were worried about his appendix, as was I. His WBC count and CRP were both high – indicative of a bacterial infection/inflammation – I was almost certain it was his appendix. His CT scan came back clear but a chest xray showed left lobe pneumonia. That’s 2/3 Friedman boys with pneumonia this MONTH!

Carver had two more days of swimming lessons and one more day of camp – he will be home for the rest of the week recovering and snuggling with his favorite “bit.” He will need to follow up in the clinic to make sure he’s getting better this week.

But what a bummer! I feel like these two boys can’t catch a break! I’m so thankful it wasn’t worse, we can handle pneumonia just fine but we wanted to go to the beach, maybe the pool on Craig’s days off, not the ER.

Hopefully August brings more fun and good health! Thanks for reading!

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