A “shitty” recipe and a GREAT one!

I LOVE cooking and creating new recipes. I seriously do. I love playing with flavors and rushing a sample across town for mom and Karl to try, it’s such a fun hobby I have!

Craig and I really enjoy BBQ and especially when they have Mac and Cheese on their menu – we can’t refuse. We were recently at a local BBQ joint and fell in love with their gouda mac and cheese. I went home and got to work trying to recreate the recipe.

I took pictures all along the way to blog about it, I was so excited, it tasted so good! The bacon and bread crumbs were such a tasty topping. It sincerely tasted so good and so gooey.

Let’s just say I was in the bathroom 30 minutes after I ate it. TOO. MUCH. GREASE!

Between the bacon and the butter, this was far too rich and far too greasy. Unless you need a good clean out, I will not be sharing that recipe any time soon. I would recommend just heading to taco bell instead and save yourself the hassle.

I just wanted to share that not all recipes turn out picture perfect. Not all recipes make it to publishing.


I actually posted this recipe on my Facebook page while I was still eating it because it was THAT GOOD! There’s a local coffee shop that has something called a “Slammin’ Salmon” on their menu and it’s salmon, cucumbers, and a creamy dill sauce spread on a waffle. It’s AMAZING and one of my favorite treats! So I got to work recreating it.

Anywho, that’s all I have. I’m finishing off a really busy work week and ready for a weekend at home with the family! Let me know if you try any new recipes I share!

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter
    October 12, 2021 / 4:44 am

    Bummer about the clean-out recipe! I just learned today that those sugar-free gummy bears do the same thing…after 8 gummy bears you apparently enter the danger zone of a pre-colonoscopy clean out. The other one sounds good…I’ll have to try it, minus the waffles (no waffle maker).

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