A Rainy Weekend…

Still raining and cold here in Iowa. This is just a miserable Spring. Craig is itching to get in the field and we just keep getting more rain and cold and wind.

Last weekend was my weekend off so we decided on a day trip on Saturday. Craig’s Grandma and Grandpa wanted to see the kids and we wanted a kid-free date! It was a win-win!

Craig and I thought about it, I don’t know if we have had a date since our week long getaway in August on our mountain biking trip to northern Minnesota. The kids are getting old enough and independent enough that we don’t feel like we need a “break” from them as much as when they were little. If we go out to eat or shopping on our usual “date” activities, they usually tag along.

But Saturday it was just us! I don’t have a ton of pictures of the day but we went to our favorite restaurant, Craig and I LOVE BBQ! It’s called Starbecks Smokehouse and if you’re local to Iowa there’s a location in Cedar Falls on University Avenue.

Our favorite tradition at every restaurant, is to order cheese curds for an appetizer. We like to try and find the BEST cheese curds ever – Starbecks has them HANDS DOWN. THE BEST CHEESE CURDS! Not to mention literally every bite of the food was amazing. I can’t wait to take my family there some time! It is worth the drive!

We completed our original task which was to bring our old expired car seats to Target and trade them in for a coupon. Then we were off to Scheels to look at getting a smoker/grill. We’ve been considering it for quite some time and then our grill is no good. It’s going to cost at least $300 to replace our grill, might as well upgrade to a smoker! This is the one we went with, Craig is working on putting it together and it’s not as easy. The temp and settings can be controlled with an app on the phone which is kind of cool for the slow smokes. We are looking forward to using it this Summer!

We got a bathroom door at Menards – THANK GOODNESS! We haven’t had a bathroom door in our downstairs bathroom for 2 years, ever since that incomplete bathroom remodel we began in 2020. Craig got the door installed with just a few hiccups and I couldn’t be happier.

I decided to treat Craig with his favorite fruit brownie pizza. Gannon helped me whip them up while Carver was at Sunday School. You can find that recipe here: https://www.joscountryjunction.com/fruity-brownie-pizza/

That must have tired Gannon out because he fell asleep on his toy ambulance. He also was so excited about Grandma Dee’s armor she had at her house.

I ended the weekend feeling rather crappy, I started throwing up again on Friday after a long break from nausea/vomiting. I’m almost 18 weeks now so I was hoping we were over that, it was a nice 3 week break. Oh well. Life goes on.

That sums up the weekend! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kim J LeMere
    May 3, 2022 / 11:04 pm

    Sorry to hear that it continues to rain and be crappy weather in Iowa. I bet having an afternoon alone was rather nice and how wonderful that family wanted to spend time with the kiddos. Hurray! a bathroom door has been installed, great news for sure. The brownie pizza looks delish, might have to give it a try. Hope the sun comes out and shines down on the fields soon.

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