A Positive Pregnancy Test – January 2016

If you clicked on this post expecting a pregnancy announcement, I’m sorry. My IUD is very much still in place and will be for awhile.

Carver came into our lives 4 years ago. It was January 17th. 2016.

I took like 5 pregnancy tests. They were POSITIVE. I was barely pregnant with Carver. I had been meticulously tracking my cycles and we had been trying for 2 months. Craig and I were so happy we hugged and cried in the kitchen. Immediately afterwards – like the pee stick didn’t even dry yet – we grabbed two wrapped presents and ran across town to tell my parents.

I had bought these shirts for awhile already. I was so so excited to gift them. Mom cried, Dad even got teary eyed. It is one of my favorite memories.

Dad is covered in dust – he had just gotten home from work. As you can see, the dust then got over his t shirt which makes me love the picture even more – Dad is just how I remember him – dirty or dusty.

We then sat at their kitchen table and called all of my siblings. Carver was the “first” grandchild on both sides. I say “first” because he isn’t the oldest – Scotty is the oldest but he came into our lives when he was 18 months old already. We say Carver was the first but Scotty is the oldest. So this is the first time they found out they were all Aunties and Uncles!

Dad was excited to wear his shirt to tell the First Responder group at our annual Christmas party that year. People throughout the night slowly got the message. They were all so excited for mom and dad to become grandparents.

Here they are at that Christmas party – Dad wearing his shirt – playing hilarious minute to win it games. Dad dunked his head in vaseline – and then cotton balls – and Andrea is trying to get them off of his head onto a plate in record time without using her hands.

That was such a great night.

Mom and Dad wore their shirts to the hospital to meet Carver too.

We announced our pregnancy WAY early – like at 7 weeks. A lot of people wait to share their pregnancy until it feels “safe” or they are out of the risk zone of having a miscarriage. I’m an open book. If I go through a loss, I want to share that. When we announced so early, we knew the risks. We were too excited to care.

We announced that we were having a boy…

We had maternity pictures…

And Carver came almost exactly 9 months to the day later:

I loved these pictures. It made me so happy to see them come back into my time hop that I thought I would share them with you all.

Here are a few pictures when Carver met the rest of the Kramer clan:

Uncle Karlo
Uncle Buck
Auntie Kayla
Uncle Jason
Auntie Kelli (her shirt says Best Auntie Ever)

My dear Carver Johnny Jumper Boy – 4 years ago we found out you existed. You have brought so much joy to our lives…and so many other emotions. Your spunk and personality can light up a room. We love you so much!

This is my puppy Woofter.
He’s playing fetch with me while I do the dishes.


  1. Dian
    January 18, 2020 / 4:17 pm

    What a beautiful way to tell Carver’s story.

  2. Tammy Morrow
    January 19, 2020 / 12:30 am

    I love Woofter! That’s something my boys did too!

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