A Jar of Spaghetti Sauce

Mom came over the other day and we were going through pictures. We laughed, we cried, and we couldn’t believe how many pictures there were!

Mom and I came across this picture and while it looks pretty traumatic, mom and I busted out laughing.

First of all, it isn’t blood. It’s spaghetti sauce.

I’ve always been a picker. I pick food while it’s cooking, bread dough, cookie dough, and I’m usually full by the time the meal is ready because I’ve been picking this whole time. I started this habit at a very young age.

We were all cooking in the kitchen and mom was making pizza. I was making the rounds eating some cheese, picking some sausage, a pepperoni, and mom was getting mad at me! I would dip my whole finger I the jar of pizza sauce/spaghetti sauce and then lick it and go about my picking. Mom kept yelling at me to cut it out!

Finally, she caught me sticking my finger in the spaghetti sauce AGAIN when it fell off the counter, landed on the bottom of the jar and flew up in my face and my hair.

Now while I was embarrassed, I was more upset that I thought I ruined my FAVORITE Angelica shirt you can see pictured here. The shirt says “So I’m beautiful! Sue me!” Which is just the cherry on top.

Short sweet and to the point blog post today. I’m exhausted. We spent all day running here and there. Carver’s stubbornness is shining through today and we all need a good night’s rest. I would have NO idea where he gets it from 😉


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  1. Carolyn Sullivan
    May 8, 2020 / 10:43 pm

    LOLOLOLOL we used to call the the Helen Keller eating

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