A Busy Week!

I’m very thankful to have this week off. It’s turning into quite the busy week.

We had preschool graduation on Monday…Carver is off to Kindergarten in the Fall!

And Carver had his last day of school on Tuesday…

Look at how much he has grown the past 9 months! It has been so cold and rainy here, I can’t remember a May this cold! I had put away all the jackets and coats just long enough to pull them all back out again. I’m trying to remind myself to enjoy the cooler days before it becomes uncomfortably hot and I become uncomfortably large. Gannon is also pretty sad about this cold rainy weather. I had to peel him off of the swing set this morning, he had gotten all dressed up to go swinging in the rain. He was so mad to have to come inside.

Carver’s little league practice started this week and he got to spend some time picking rock with Craig over the weekend – Carver had a blast! About the only time we get to see Craig is if we find him in a field. Craig has still been able to work in the field, planting season is still in full force, but today and tomorrow it’s rain and cold all day.

Carver is having a friend over for a play date today and tomorrow I have a meet up with a few of my friends! Friday it is back to the old work grind but I’m for sure enjoying my time off! I hope you all are having a great week!

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