We are getting closer folks! I wanted to give a 34 week bump up date.

I definitely feel like baby DROPPED about 3 weeks ago. He’s so so low in my pelvis. I’m pretty uncomfortable. Thankfully I have a WONDERFUL chiropractor who I see about every other week that helps me with my symphysis pubis dysfunction. I’ve had SPD with each pregnancy but I think it gets worse each time. I remember the first time I had described SPD to my doctor I told him it feels like I got kicked in the crotch. He knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Symphysis pubis dysfunction refers to symptoms you feel when the joint between your left and right pelvic bones (pubic symphysis) allows for more movement than usual. Ligaments hold the joint in place so that your pelvic bones aren’t able to move or shift past the point of comfort. During pregnancy, due to hormonal changes, these ligaments loosen, so that the joint becomes flexible enough for your pelvic bones to widen during delivery. All the additional movement in your pelvis can be painful.”


There is a chance the the pelvis can actually split or tear. I plan on going through physical therapy after baby is born, we’ve already met our deductible so I want to take advantage of that. The worst pain is moving in bed, flipping from my right side to left side and when I initially get up out of bed. This picture best describes EXACTLY where the majority of my pain is but I also have some tail bone pain as well.

I’ve definitely had some scares the past few weeks. I’ll get pretty regular cramps/contractions for an hour or so, enough that I think something is going on and then they just disappear. My swelling is pretty wild too, I have gained and lost 10 lbs in just 2 days of what I assume is water weight.

I’ve had a premonition since I was about 16 weeks pregnant, something tells me this baby is coming earlier than later. I have no idea when but I definitely feel farther along than just 33 weeks for how much pressure and discomfort I’m feeling. He feels SO LOW. We will just see how things go!

I had my VBAC appointment at the bigger hospital and all things are good to go! I’ll transition my care there until the baby is born. My doctor was super cool and I really hope she can be the one who delivers the babe and I hope it can still be a vaginal delivery instead of a repeat c section. My doctor is very hopeful things should go as planned. I see her again for an ultrasound and an appointment on September 7th and we will schedule an induction date!

I got the boys new tubs for their socks and underwear and I wrote Carver and Gannon on the tubs and I actually wrote the baby’s name on their tub too! We are 99% certain on the name, we haven’t even looked for other baby names since about 20 weeks but seeing it written on the tub made it even more real!

Oh, and my cravings this week are DIET COKE and cottage cheese with diced ham and shredded cheese!

That’s all I’ve got! I’ll give a 36 week report after my ultrasound/appointment in early September!

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