Weekend Recap!

Thanks for tuning in for the weekend recap!

It was a good weekend but it went by too fast. It started off with a family day on Friday after I woke up from working overnights.

My sister lives about two hours away so we don’t get to see each other very often. We got to spend some time together visiting at my moms house on Friday.

By the time I got there mom was thankful to see me because she had her hands full with all four grandkids under the age of three! We just love having big family night when all of the cousins are around.

My nephew Jasper was born in January and he’s also my godson. He is the giggliest baby I’ve ever met in my life.

Craig and Jasper

On Saturday my mom was brave enough to watch the grandkids again so Kayla and I could have a morning trip to one of our favorite towns: Decorah. I used to work in Decorah. It is about a half an hour north of our house and the closest Walmart (that’s how you tell if a town is big in NEIA.

They have wonderful biking and hiking trails so Kayla hit the trails and I went to Walmart to stock up on all of the necessary pool chemicals so we can fill up the pool this week.

We got to stop at a store I’ve never been to before which is kind of a makers market called Rendered Unique. I got this hat and some cute earrings.

We have a friend who displays her artwork for sale at the store. Decorah is known for its small businesses and makers. We went to the farmers market and Kayla bought us an amazing soft pretzel that I will never forget as long as I live.

After we got home we hung out for a bit before Craig got off work and we went on a bike ride in Fredericksburg again.

Carver rode his bike this time so we did not shoot the whole loop. We had gotten what was left over of a hurricane that hit Iowa last week so some of the bike trail was underwater.

We had Georgia with us and we had a blast playing at the park. It reminded Craig and I am how out of shape we were trying to chase the kids around. Carver made a friend at the park so I don’t have many pictures of him!

When we came home mom offered to watch our boys so that Craig and I could go on a date night. They recently re-opened a restaurant just a town over from us so we had supper at the White House. The food and service was amazing!

When we got home there was still plenty of time left so we started to refill the pool in hopes that it would be ready to go by this weekend.

The boys were so so excited and running around all over the inside of the pool before we even filled it up!

Overall, we had a great weekend even though Craig and I both had to work on Sunday. I think most of our summer will look like this: pool, biking, family, and work!

Thanks for reading! Tune in next time!


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  1. Elle
    June 15, 2020 / 4:12 pm

    Sun, Fun, Kids, Family, Date night………….does it get better? Hope you have a terrific week!

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