Weekend Update

This past weekend was an absolute BLAST but it went by way too darn fast. I’ve concluded that the best weekends aren’t planned – they just happen. That was true for this weekend. There were a few loose plans in place but the majority of the fun was all happenstance. 

First of all, check out the bathroom update! The grout is being put in today, plumbers are coming to finish it up on WEDNESDAY! GUYS! It’s so close to being done!

Second of all, Gannon sure got excited about yogurt. He was COATED in yogurt. We’ve been working on using a spoon and eel, we need more work.

The boys love this yogurt I got in my grocery pickup order and I can feel good about feeding it to them because there is just a small amount of sugar! They love it! Gannon starts weekly speech therapy this week which is so exciting!

The fire department had an award banquet and then a parade of lights around Waucoma. Dad was honored at the banquet for his 25 years so most of my siblings were home with their kiddos. The banquet was lovely. They gave our family a marker for Dad’s gravestone that will look great. It was very heartwarming. 

The grandkids weren’t behaving very well so Kelli and I had to watch Gannon and Georgia outside during the awards. 

Carver found a new friend – they ran and ran and ran together – they just had a blast. Here she lost her shoe and Carver was helping her put it back on like a real life cinderella. It was so sweet and then he got frustrated with it and said “Oh come on!” HA!

And then my brothers and I had way too much dang fun. I don’t think any of us had that much fun in a long time. Without giving too much else away, let’s just say like Johnny Cash, our Sunday morning came down HARD. 

We spent the morning all hanging with the grandkids at my moms. The kids had so much fun. Carver and Scotty played together so nice which doesn’t always happen. 

Needless to say, the weekend went by way too fast. I feel like I hardly got to see Craig. Our anniversary is coming up on Saturday and Craig should have Friday and Saturday off so we can getaway before busy season starts.

That’s what I know friends! Have a good Monday!

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Caution: This Blog Post has No Point

I’ve got writers block like no other. I’ve got the time to write but man, I’m just stuck! So here’s a bunch of random thoughts I’m having. As the title states: this blog post has no point.

First of all, holy pandemic. We had 1,500 new cases of coronavirus in Iowa yesterday – our highest number by A LOT. We are now closing down bars in certain hot spot counties and I’m afraid we are headed back into another shutdown. 

Here’s the thing – did the first shutdown work? I’m not really sure. Are we sure the masks are working? Or how is this still spreading like this? Like, of course I’ll still wear a mask but man, what are we doing that is or isn’t working? I don’t get it. Iowa has apparently been mis-reporting numbers for awhile lately so now I’m just not sure what or who to believe.

Second of all, I can’t wait for my bathroom to be done. It is looking absolutely fabulous but between the dog barking every time our tiler comes through the door, keeping the boys away from him as he works, juggling the babysitters, having to keep the upstairs bathroom neat, it’s just a lot. Looks like we should be functioning by next Wednesday if all goes well. Plus, it has been hotter than hades – the bank clock read 100 degrees yesterday – so we can’t really just kick the boys outside.

Our tiler, Tony, he is so good with the boys and let’s them ask all the questions and explain everything but man, Carver has NO self control when it comes to tools or construction. He literally cannot leave them alone. I usually end up at my mom’s house just to give them peace and quiet to work!

I don’t work this weekend for the first time in a long string of weekends. I usually pick up extra hours on the weekends – I’m only required to work every third. I want to do some family stuff but a) it’s going to be so hot and b) Craig usually doesn’t know his work schedule on the weekends until he’s on his way home from work and c) COVID. We’ve been dying to take the boys to a waterpark or the pool or ANYWHERE but no luck. It’s turning out to be a boring summer ever since our pool sprung a leak, and then COVID of course. That would have been nice to have this week!

I think they missed each other when Carver was at school

Gannon starts speech therapy next week – every Thursday morning. We are so excited to see his progress! She evaluated him and we determined that between sign language and his words that he has about 10 words. The average 2 year old has about 200 words and can make two word phrases or sentences so we’ve got some catching up to do! I can’t wait to see him grow!

Carver’s first day of preschool was GREAT! His teacher said he got a little emotional around nap time and said “I just want to sleep in MY bed!” – dude – I get it. And then he was OUT! Check out this picture his teacher sent me:

I’ve got a busy day today, I worked last night and I’ll go home and sleep. Gannon has an ear checkup at 3:15, then I have my first ever WalMart grocery pickup to try out. Then I’ve got to pick up Craig’s new work boots and then my wedding ring had to get fixed and I have to pick that up, I keep putting it off. 

BLAH! SO that’s about all I know. What a weird rambling blog post for you all to start out your Friday! I hope you have a good day, a good weekend, and more than that I hope that the next time you check on my blog I have something a little more prophetic to share with you all!

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Carver John Goes to Preschool!

We didn’t decide Carver was going to preschool until about 2 weeks ago and we only got his preschool start date about a week after that. This gave me very little time to change my schedule around. I thought to myself, “This is fine, I’m going to be okay if I’m not there. Craig is a good dad, I’ll lay out all the clothes, I’ll make sure Craig gets pictures, he will get on the bus and it’ll be fine. It’s not the first milestone I’ve had to miss because of work, it won’t be the last.”

Until today, laying in bed taking a nap next to my Johnny Jumper Boy. I looked over at him and remembered the days before I had Gannon. I was holding on so tightly to the days I had left when I only had one boy. That revelation hit me as he was laying in bed next to me rubbing his eyes, his little two year old self unaware of how his world would be changing in just a few short days. I wasn’t grieving, I wasn’t sad, I was just aware. I was just taking it in, trying to bottle up that moment in time when it was just Carv and me. 

And now, in that same bed, I’m looking over at my almost 4 year old taking in every second before he doesn’t take naps with me anymore and before he’s gone to school every afternoon. Before peer pressure tells him it isn’t cool to snuggle with your mom. Again, I’m not sad, I’m not grieving, I’m just aware. I’m aware of how fast these four years have gone and I’m aware of how I need to hold on to more moments like this. 

So I began trying to find someone to come in early. I even tried harder when one of my coworkers told me, “You can’t get those moments back.” That hit hard. I can’t get these moments back. I can’t just watch him get on the bus for the first time again. I can’t just watch him run in off of the school bus to tell me all about his first day for the first time again. 

Just like I can’t get those moments when he was my only baby back. 

Just like I can’t get those lazy afternoon snuggles back. 

So I asked around, I got someone to come in early for me. Can you believe how awesome my director is? When she found out that I might have to miss it she volunteered to come in a full hour and half early so I could be home in time. 

And can you believe I almost missed this? 

I think now is a good time to let you all know about another big change that’s coming down the line: I’m going part time. Yes, you read that right. This workaholic, 60+ hour work week, with too many irons in the fire will only be scheduled 24 hours/week coming in December. 

This pandemic has changed my life in so many good ways and some  ways. That’s a blog post for another day but for the most part, it has changed the way I spend time with my family. I used to be a drive by mom, home long enough to feed them, bathe them, bedtime and up before the sun to the next job. That’s not me anymore. I’ve got my priorities straightened out. I know that my most important work will be done within the four walls of our home, and that’s the best job I could ever have. 

Please also note – just because I’m scheduled 24 hours/week doesn’t mean I can’t pick up more hours and I will actually/maybe/probably be picking up and cross training to ER in my extra time! EEK! I’m so excited guys. 

So that’s the big news at the Friedman house. What a great morning. My little baby is all grown up – he will be walking into school by now. I hope he had a good day, I can’t wait to hear all about it!

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This and That – Friedman Boys Edition

Now time for one of my classic this and that blog posts featuring the Friedman Boys! Thanks for tuning in!

First of all, let me say how much I love that we have finally gotten Carver over the hump of being unbearably cranky if he doesn’t nap all the way to falling asleep at 7 pm when he doesn’t nap! YAY! Now if only we could get him to sleep in past 6 am…

Now let me start by saying, I love my husband dearly and he is such a good dad but uhm… this happened the other day. I came to pick Carver up from daycare and I was like WHAT THE HECK IS CARVER WEARING!

I usually lay out outfits for Carver and Gannon and then Craig just picks one for him to wear but apparently I was slacking because this is what those two came up with. I asked Craig about it and he said “They are both stripes and they both have the same colors! He just looks like he’s going to go golfing!” HA!

Speaking of Carver, I got him this shirt for preschool 🙂 Thank you Etsy!

The boys have been getting along better lately and playing nicely. They love to play a’struction in the driveway with the rocks. Carver loves to boss Gannon around and Gannon is learning to stick up for himself.

Carver’s best friend Brody was over again today and they had a blast! They will both be in the same class at preschool this year too. Brody is about to be a big brother and we can’t wait! He’s such a good influence on Carver. Carver and Brody are only 2 weeks apart!

Can you believe that this is actually physical therapy for Gannon? Gannon’s joints, muscles, and connective tissue is all very loose. It’s hard for him to stabilize himself especially on moving and uneven surfaces so we practice swinging! Believe it or not, it takes core strength to stabilize yourself on a swing.

Another exercise we do is bouncing and rolling on an exercise ball – Gannon hates it because he feels so unstable. When we go visit Lisa at physical therapy he sits on a vibrating machine and tries to stabilize himself to build his core strength and make him more solid instead of fluid.

And now, like Gannon, I’m off to bed. I work the next two nights, Carver starts preschool on Thursday, our shower is getting tiled tomorrow, I’ve got the weekend off for once, we have no plans as per usual! Tomorrow I’ll be making lots of checklists for Craig and Carver like this one:

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Kitchen Remodel and New Goals

I’m currently laying on my moms couch. We kind of have to like not be at home when the tiler is there working because we just get in the way and he’s cutting tile outside and it’s just – we don’t want to be in his way. So we are hanging out at mom’s and I’m already dreaming about our next home renovation!

So while last year we were HARD CORE Dave Ramsey fans, we are definitely more Dave-ish this summer but ready to get back on track! I’ve cleaned up the September budget and setting new financial goals. In April we paid off our credit card debt so we rewarded ourselves with a cash flowed bathroom remodel. Well after we get our vehicles paid off, we are saving for a kitchen/laundry/dining room remodel!

I’ve done some math and if we stay focused, it will be at around this time next year. That’s only putting an extra $1,000/month at cars so easy peasy.

Last year we were putting 2-3k / month towards debt working insane hours and going out to eat MAYBE once a month. Things were intense – we don’t want to go back to that necessarily but we still want to make progress.

If we pay off our vehicles that will give us $800 more per month towards debt or cash flowing another remodel. And of course Craig wants a mountain bike 🙂

Our current kitchen is a galley kitchen and despite the fact that it’s narrow, we really love it. We just think the space could be better used. So all of the appliances would be moved to this wall…add a bigger window, remove the soffit, raise the ceilings back up, add narrow cupboards on the right side to add more walking space.

And then we would open up and stabilize this load bearing wall and blend the dining room and kitchen together more. The paper on the floor is from the tiler so he doesn’t scratch the floor in and out. We don’t mind but he is super considerate and careful.

Here’s some of my kitchen inspiration:

Any kitchen remodel advice? I know it will be far more expensive than our bathroom and more complex.

Thanks for reading guys! Can’t wait to show you progress on the bathroom!

UPDATE: I just snuck over to see how the tile is going!!!!! Obviously the green is just spacers to keep the tiles separated.

We are SO SO SO HAPPY with how it is turning out!!!

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A Rough Start and A Typical Monday Night

Welcome to our couch. This is such an average night for the Friedman fam I thought I’d let you in on it. (Can you spot Betsy?)

Carver and Gannon are playing tractors and coming and cuddling and bringing us books every once in awhile or the tractors will need hooked to their wagons.

I’m writing this blog post, Craig is looking up random history facts while we are watching Hamilton for the 18th time.

This little guy looks awfully sweet right now but we had a rough time earlier this evening.

His preschool teacher and he classroom helper came to meet Carver – they typically do a home visit before three year old preschool.

Well, it’s hotter than hades in Iowa, the bugs were just terrible, and because this is a “home visit” it’s actually a driveway visit because of COVID.

Carver immediately switched into NAUGHTY MODE. He was hiding, he drove his Jeep off after I told him not to, he tackled Gannon and hit him because he had his tools. Then I told him to stop, he hopped back in his Jeep and almost ran Gannon’s leg over. They gave him a mask that says “TV Pride” on it and he wouldn’t say thank you.

Then Gannon somehow found an empty beer can he kept bringing to me – I would go set it up on the porch and he kept bringing it back to me – they probably thought I was just casually drinking during this preschool meeting. Then Gannon disappeared for a few minutes. It was a mess.

On the bright side, I’m not sure he could behave any worse so any good behavior exhibited beyond this point will be a pleasant surprise.

So that’s what’s new here. I’m going to watch my niece early tomorrow morning so I’d better get off to bed.

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